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9 Spoilers From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 7 Premiere

9 Spoilers From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 7 Premiere

The Vampire Diaries will finally come back into our lives tomorrow night, but honestly, even a few hours just seems like too long of a wait.

We know that you dedicated fans have been dying for any kind of hint or tease all summer long about what the show is going to look like now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is snoozing her way through the next 70 years in a coffin under a Sleeping Beauty curse while Bonnie (Kat Graham) lives out the rest of her life, knowing as soon as she dies her BFF will wake up again. How will Damon (Ian Somerhalder) cope with losing the love of his life? Will Caroline (Candice Accola King) finally give in to her feelings for Stefan (Paul Wesley)? And will Alaric (Matt Davis) stop trying to kill himself?! (We actually need that to happen ASAP, please and thank you.)

The Vampire Diaries season 7 premiere

Nerdist got the opportunity to screen The Vampire Diaries season seven premiere early (we know, we know, that’s not even a humblebrag…we’re really just bragging) and so we’re taking pity on the rest of the TVD fandom. Here are nine spoilers from the episode, “Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take.” You are so welcome.

  1. The episode opens on a flash forward to three years in the future, and it’s not the flash forward from the season six finale. Two main characters are not anywhere near where you would expect them to be, both geographically and emotionally. You’ll be scratching your head by the end of the scene, but you’ll get more answers by the end of the hour for this storyline that is going to continue all season long.
  2. Now that Elena is gone, someone has to keep a diary for the show title to continue to make sense! Of course Caroline is up for the task, and so is Bonnie. But someone else is also keeping a diary, and her entry is nowhere near as upbeat and positive as Caroline or Bonnie’s entries.
  3. In the weeks since Elena’s goodbye, Damon took Alaric to Europe for a “guy-getaway” that mainly involves drinking all the whiskey and bourbon the continent has to offer. Bonnie went with to chaperone, and that mainly involves making sure the guys are drinking their weight in water too. Someone has to be an adult!
  4. For those Damon fans who are worried that Bonnie and Elena’s situation will damage her friendship with Damon, you can officially stop worrying – it’s only made their sarcastic and witty banter that much more hilarious. Yup, they’re actually joking about the totally effed-up situation!
  5. Things are decidedly less friendly on the Steroline front when the premiere picks up. In fact, things are definitely awkward between Stefan and Caroline after he “made it a thing” by kissing her and confessing his love for her in the season six finale. They agreed to be friends while she heals from her mother’s death and Elena’s absence and her brief sabbatical from humanity, but can they really do that? We’re going to go with a big fat nope.
  6. There’s a really great ad for not texting while walking across the street. Youths, pay attention!
  7. Some of Lily’s (Annie Wersching) heretics have not adjusted to life in modern times, while others are adapting almost too easily. Murder selfies are going to become a thing. And they’re as ridiculously amazing as they sound. Hey, if you don’t Instagram your kill, did you really even kill anyone at all? The timeless social media question we all ask ourselves at one point or another.
  8. At one point, you’ll wonder if you’ve gone back in time and are watching an episode of Gossip Girl. And we mean that in the best possible way.
  9. Soon, all of Mystic Falls will learn never to piss off a heretic. Of course, some Mystic Falls residents will take a little longer to learn that lesson than others. *cough, Damon, cough*

The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Images: The CW

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