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9 Comic-Con Survival Tips

Comic-Con International kicks off tomorrow with preview night, and the first full day of festivities/craziness is on Thursday. Are you prepared? Can you ever be ready for Comic-Con?

We’re here to help with a list of nine survival tips that will help you get through four and a half days of the convention with minimal suffering. Remember: it’s a marathon and it’s all about endurance. Written by and starring Andrew Bowser (director of Monster Machine and The Terror Twins) and Madeline Walter (Trixie Terror), “9 Comic-Con Survival Tips” covers important topics such as preparing your wardrobe, training your back to withstand the weight of all the swag you’ll obtain, building up your alcohol tolerance, and planning your budget. It’s important not to neglect any of these areas in order to maximize your Comic-Con experience.

Madeline Walter, Bill Kottkamp, and Tugger The Cat appear in the video to demonstrate the techniques, and it was all captured by Ian Van Woods.

Will you be joining us at Comic-Con? Share your best survival tips with us in the comments or on twitter using the hashtag #NerdistSDCC!

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  1. Plains Hobbit says:

    Love the Tugger cat at 1:36.  Once more the enigmatic and neurotic feline proves to be the most sane member of a human household. 

  2. Joe Pfab says:

    Number 1 rule…. DEODORANT.. Seriously they should hand out the trial sizes at the door!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Nice information. Thank you for sharing.

  4. andrea says:

    If you want to ask a question at a panel, sit near middle and book it hard to the mic when they announce “ok for questions” …  so you get a chance to ask    line can get 30 deep in less than 5 seconds

  5. BWall says:

    Disappointment! You’ll never get to see everything you want!

  6. BWall says:

    Good shoes! Prepare for blisters!