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(500) Days Of Britta

This might have been more timely back when the movie was current, but it’s amusing enough now to see scenes from Community reshaped into something more like (500) Days Of Summer. Herewith, Jeff Winger and Britta Perry in (500) Days of Britta:

You’d go see it.

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  1. thepokerwife says:

    AWESOME… I want to see 500 days of annie…or even better 500 days of Abed /Troy!

  2. Nathaniel H. says:

    Awesome. The color treatment makes everything ridiculously perfect. And yep, I’d see this movie. And I usually hate trailer mash-ups.

  3. Tony Bullard says:

    Thanks Derek! I AM one episode behind…shame on me.

  4. @seanmarkle says:

    @amanda “romantic expressionism”

    I still think this show is the best half hour of tv on right now. I also think this season did have a main storyline, just not a romantic one. Jeff coming to the realization that he actually liked the person greendale was making him and not just tolerating it. You could also say pierce feeling as the outcast in the group of outcasts went through injury and addiction could be considered a story line. It would be a great episode of the nerdist if they could do a sit down with the entire cast collectively as they all seem to have so much chemistry.

  5. MarkiMark says:

    Brilliant! just like Community.

    @Urkel Although Comedy needs a storyline to keep it rolling, you never need a thought provoking storyline in comedy. for the most part. Then you turn something brilliant into a shit-filled dramedy, or worse, a DRAMA. Just look at The Marx Bros. The first 4 movies were pure comedy and i couldn’t get enough of it. as soon as they switch over to MGM the focus became almost solely on a romantic story with a dash of drama. This isn’t what laughter is about. C’mon now.

  6. Derek says:

    AMAZING cut. <3's to this show.

    @ Tony: As for the shot in front of the house, I think it was from the most recent episode (Paradigms of Human Memory).

  7. Brian E says:

    Amazing! I love this show and that movie. Super well done.

  8. Amanda says:

    What episode is the macaroni quote from? (It won’t be messed up that you know.)

  9. Jarvis FOlk says:

    OMG I love this. And Britta!

  10. Tony Bullard says:

    You know, in the first season Britta was totally drool-worthy, but it almost seems like the writers got sick of her. She’s not AWFUL this season, but they seem to want her to be completely neurotic and broken, with little to no instances of endearing behavior anymore. Makes me sad.

    That said, this is awesome.
    But where did that shot of the whole crew in front of a torn up house come from? Don’t remember that at all.

  11. Urkel says:

    Ahhh season 1, when community actually had a storyline.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a fan and it might even be funnier now than last year, but it’s really just a blender of jokes so it’s been a lot more mindless than I thought the series would be.

  12. HeathRobots says:

    I love this! And based on last week’s episode, the writers of Community are into the fan vids as well.

  13. Devin Smail says:

    Gotta admit, in the show I’m not that big of a fan of Britta, but I would absolutely go see that movie. :I

    Crazy good job turning that show into a movie trailer though.
    +(500) kudos.