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5 Tips On What To Expect From A Live Nerdist Podcast!

Illustration by Carolyn Main

This past Saturday night the Nerdist! Podcast! Live! Show! came to Portland, Oregon. This is significant for two reasons. One, I live there and two, I LIVE THERE.

I guess I’m writing this post for those of you who have not yet been to to a Nerdist taping and might like a few pointers and/or insight into the whole beautiful thing. Although why anyone wouldn’t have done everything short of kill a kitten to get tickets to a Nerdist event is beyond me but whatever. It’s your life. Die without really having ever lived, what do I care? So, without further ado-ing, here’s a list of five things to expect from a Nerdist! Podcast! Live! Show! Especially if you are me.

1. Your friends will probably expect to meet you for pre-drinks to loosen up the old laugh muscles. Do not eat dinner or lunch or really anything before this, and under no circumstances should the fact that you ran nine miles earlier that day influence this decision. You want everything to be extra funny, don’t you? Duh.

2. Make sure everyone working at the venue where the show is knows what a BIG DEAL you are. Tell the ticket guy, the door guy, the beer ladies, and probably the air around you how IMPORTANT you are and not like… a regular fan. You’re special. In every way.

3. Matt Mira did stand up! He was hilarious! And he handled a lady heckler super professionally. You will be so proud of him, you’ll drink from your friend’s flask in celebration. This is not at all a mistake you will regret forever.

4. Once the actual podcast begins, you might want to use all your powers of concentration not to pee your pants. From the laughing. And… other things. Whiskey things.

5. After the show you should probably go out to the merch table and say hi to the guys. They are all so nice! Do not hesitate to talk to them for like an hour or an hour-and-a-half because no one will mind waiting behind you and besides you have a lot of important stuff to say. Everyone GETS that. They will totally understand and not make obscene gestures about you, your friends, and your mothers behind your back.

And that is what you should expect! Hope this was helpful!

For more tips on etiquette follow @kiala and @carolynmain on Twitter!

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  1. Leah says:

    I went to the live late show in NYC and had a ball. The guys all did stand up before the show – I was SO PROUD of Matt (even though I only know him through the magic of the interwebs but oh well) and Jonah and Chris were hilarious as always. And then Jim Gaffigan got up and did a 10+ min set of new material and I thought I had died and gone to comedy heaven. The podcast portion of the show was just as great. After, the guys all waited downstairs and signed things and took pictures with everybody and they were all really gracious about it. Chris signed my copy of The Nerdist Way and then all three of them signed a fez I had just got at NYCC. It was an awesome experience and I hope that they make it to the East coast again soon.

    Also that video footage of the nerd proposal is SOCUTEIMIGHTDIE!

  2. -Di. says:

    I have a small little complaint about this article. I know it’s a “joke.” For the most part i take it in the spirit it was intended assuming that it wasn’t meant to be mean spirited.

    But I found it a tiny bit condescending. My experiences with my fellow nerdists have been all really positive. In fact they are the reason the NY shows were so much fun.

    To me, this article gives the general nerdist community the impression that the people who attend the live shows are less than cool. Again, i realize it’s a joke.

    I really do understand that at some venues people feel the price of admission is all they need to be self centered inconsiderate jerks. (Someone was smoking a pipe at the Sting concert in Fenway.) But I’d like to think the nerdist community as a whole is above all that.

    I was just bugged enough to comment…now I will move on.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. mr_oberts says:

    If you have a weird enough job and you’re sitting up front, Chris will pull you up on stage and have you role play a work situation. And Jonah will take a backstage pic of some unfortunate ass crack.

  4. Mike Gorgone says:

    All of the guys were great (though I may have enjoyed Jonah a little too much…) and the aforementioned lady-heckler was handled with far more grace than I would have thought possible. And, you know, Nerd-Proposal (; always makes you smile!

  5. Sean Bucknam says:

    So I’m friends with the girl heckler! Let me tell you we partook heavily in Item #1. Being there live and second row center was soooooo much fun! Matt your stand up was great, well done! I actually had a quement and didn’t get a chance to get up….because of reason #4. I guess I’ll just email the guys, and hope it makes it on an episode in the future.

  6. sarah says:

    Yes it was epic awesomeness to see them live. Matt’s is so funny and really looks like he belongs on the stage and Jonah’s facial expressions are so hilarious. I had the best time and wished that I had dressed up myself. If you can dress up you really should it makes everything better.

  7. QuiteUnknown says:

    (Sobbing) Why does the show at the 9:30 club have to be on a Sunday?!!

  8. Emily Greenhause says:

    I have tickets to see them in DC and I’m super stoked! besides the option of drinking, did anyone dress up or cosplay? just wondering if i should give my doctor outfit another go >XD

  9. Jay Hernandez says:

    That first point is stupid as fuck in my not so humble opinion, but to each their own, I drink and i laugh, BAM.

  10. tiger0065 says:

    And for pete’s sake folks, DRESS UP!! My girlfriend and I were only two of about 5 people I saw in the whole crowd who dressed up for the nerdy festivities

  11. Remster says:

    Oh christ, I did it all wrong when I saw them in San Diego! How could I have been so foolish?! I REGRET EVERYTHING!