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3D Printed “Marshmallow Man” Can’t Stay Puft’ed Under a Blowtorch

Remember when Groundskeeper Willie cautiously called Bart’s power the “Shin-ning” in that Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode, all because he didn’t want to get sued? Well that’s all we can think about watching this video of a very familiar looking “marshmallow man,” replete with a sailor’s hat, blue collar, and red tie, being melted with a blow torch.

This video, titled “3D Printed Marshmallow Man Turns to a Puddle,” was posted by the YouTube channel MatterHackers. In it, a plastic figure that looks awfully similar to the Ray Stantz-chosen form of destruction from Gozer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, gets turned into a pool of white nothingness, just like in the original Ghostbusters movie. Only they didn’t say that. Better safe than in litigation, we suppose.

But hey, we didn’t make this, we’re just watching it, and it has us thinking about Ghostbusters, and proton packs, and giant globs of marshmallow raining down on New York City, and there’s nothing wrong with making observations, so we’re good.

I mean, even without the clothing, what else would you pictureof when hearing the phrase “marshmallow man?” There’s definitely one and only one thing anyone can think of in that case, and it’s the remarkably easy-to-destroy giant, evil marshmallow-based eater of worlds.

And all you need to bring him down is a significant heat source, without even crossing the streams. Though we don’t recommend eating the leftover of this version.

What other famous movie character would make for a fitting blow torch end? Light up our comments section below with your best suggestions.

Images: MatterHackers
Ghostbusters Image: Columbia Pictures

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