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“2001: A Space Odyssey” Music Massacre

Film by Kubrick. Music by Strauss. Performance by FAIL.

Though, we can’t be too hard on the orchestra: The Portsmouth Sinfonia was founded in the 70s with the requirement that all of its members had to be either non-musicians or new to the instrument they picked up.

Mission accomplished!

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  1. Thank you, the music in this movie reaaaly buggd the CRAP out of me!!! i can barley stand watching some of the screnes because the sound of the sound is SOO repulsive. Didn’t know a noise could be disgusting untl i saw this movie. some good classical, but the original stuff is AUDIO VOMIT !!!!!!

  2. J man says:

    so many ears have been raiped…

  3. ModstRob says:

    I think that if this was the actual soundtrack the movie would be a lot more fun to watch.

  4. Jackson says:

    This is actually from a CD from 1993 called “Dead Parrot Society: The Best of British Comedy”. There are multiple tracks of the same orchestra playing well known music badly and other stuff from the likes of Monty Python.

    Still hilarious though.

  5. MastaFast says:

    That was the worst ever interpretation of that usually wondrous piece I have ever heard. My ears started bleeding. Something I thought before only my mother’s nagging could do.

    You should put that on WebSoup dude. “Things You Can’t Un-hear!”

  6. jeffkoe says:

    They were chewing bubble gum, and the gum became lodged in the mouth piece of their horns. That’s the only possible explanation.

  7. honnysays says:

    Wow, so that’s what an elephant massacre sounds like!

  8. markfromhouston says:

    no, Lisa G, it’s the conductor’s face you want to see.

    thanks, nerdist, for showing us this. it is a spectacular treat. “spectacle” being the root word, there.

  9. Lisa G says:

    Oh, that’s made of win! The only way to improve on this would be to see the faces of the “musicians” as they played.

  10. Deltus says:

    Sweet baby Jesus, that made my SOUL hurt. I stopped it at 12 seconds, I couldn’t take any more.

  11. thorsten says:

    the horror…

  12. tyson says:

    this is amazing

  13. coloween says:

    I cant breathe I’m laughing so hard. This is now going to be my wake up music.

  14. Zola the Gorgon says:

    Stupendous, I love it. So this is what raw enthusiasm sounds like…

  15. NURUL says:

    Hy nerdist ..? wow .. i like A SPACE ODDISEY ??

  16. Jason says:

    Wow, it’s the musical equivalent of having your mom catch you masturbating…in her bedroom

  17. West says:

    “Wow, that was something else!”

    “You mean it was good?”

    “No, it was something else.”

  18. Aaron says:

    sounds like the tortoise sex line played backwards.

  19. Kaileigh says:

    OMG. Will somebody please check and see if my ears are bleeding? I would but I think the horns temporarily halted the function of my limbs…..

  20. Dan hickson says:

    Fail. just Fail