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14 Year Old Girl Writes/Directs Her Own Slasher Movie

File this under “YES!” and “so totally awesome”: Emily DiPrimio, aided by her dad and her assistant director Ron DiPrimo, is a self-professed horror fan with a “profound love of horror movies.” Last summer, Emily set out to create her own 80s throwback slasher film and so she launched a Kickstarter campaign to do it. Oh, did we mention she did all of this when she was 13 years old?!

Emily surpassed her fundraising goal and now finds herself in post-production. She has recently released the trailer for Carver, which the website describes as “a story about revenge and redemption” filled with “plenty of scares and we promise, NO CGI BLOOD!”

Also on the Carver website is “Emily’s Blog,” where she chronicles the pre-production and post-production process which, as it turns out, are a lot of hard work. Emily’s most recent post answers some frequently asked questions about her directorial debut including an estimated runtime for Carver (about 80 minutes), if there will be a premiere (yes, both East and West coasts) and a previous post addresses the question of if she and her dad have kept their “no CGI gore” promise (a big enthusiastic YES!).

For more from Emily DiPrimio’s upcoming feature be sure to follow Emily and Carver on Twitter. Below you can find the trailer for the movie:

Carver, written and directed by Emily DiPrimio and starring Lea Davis, Adrian Arthur, Reggie Johnson and Mark Collmer, is currently in post-production and expected to premiere in the near future.

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  1. Dezeray says:


  2. HereToStay says:

    “NO CGI BLOOD!” Based!

  3. How exciting–Can’t wait to finally see it! Congratulations to you Emily!

  4. Alan says:

    Very encouraging. Maybe some of us old people will be inspired enough to get off our butts and get our acts together.

  5. Chelsea says:

    This is incredible! I hope I get a chance to see it when it comes out. Super amazing work from someone so young! Fantastic job! 

  6. Race Wild says:

    This is awesome. Great work young lady!!!

  7. Thank you for covering my trailer release!