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100 Greatest Insults… or, Hanrahan Strikes Again

A few months back, I blogged praising Pajiba’s Harry Hanrahan for his incisive movie-clip-edits based around a particular theme (actor tics, cliche dialogue, etc.)  I wasn’t planning a follow up, but damned if a 10-minute long, extremely NSFW collection of smack-talk doesn’t merit revisiting one’s plans.

I’ll just leave this here…. you son of a motherless goat.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


Toto's "Africa" Gets a '50s-Style Cover from Postmodern Jukebox

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?



  1. Sara says:

    I was hoping for an appearance by Malcolm Tucker and I got three! Plus my single favorite line from In Bruges, “you’re an inanimate fucking object!”

  2. LesserBeing says:

    This will keep me smiling like an inbred gaptoothed c*** for the rest of the day

  3. Taylor Reschka says:

    This made my night! I needed this during finals week!

  4. Artie says:

    I assumed from the title that “Hanrahan! your wife sucks pussy!” was a foregone conclusion. I feel so empty now.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Dear Internets. Can someone please mash up some Ray Fienne’s In Bruges dialogue with some Voldemort Harry Potter video? I am reasonably sure that would be awesome.

  6. Ryan says:

    Not to mention a million other cameos from other people such as, Rainn Wilson, Ted Danson, Steve Buscemi, Amy Poehler, and that’s just up to the 9 min. mark.

  7. Ryan says:

    This is completely unrelated, but seriously, Beastie Boys 30 min. short film with Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Seth Rogan, and WILL effin FERREL. Please post on the sites blog.

  8. Three toes of fury says:

    Outstanding!! Hanrahan: keep making montages, u rock at it!!!!