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YouTube’s Geek Lab: Jungle Party

youtubespacela1Geek Week may be nearing a finish, but that doesn’t mean the YouTube fun has to stop anytime soon!

If you’re not familiar with the brand new YouTube Space in Los Angeles (a dedicated soundstage/studio that YouTube provides free of charge for qualified ‘tubers), now might be a great time to get up on that. Exciting, hilarious and innovative projects are the order of the day over there; and this week, they went wild with a series of videos filmed on their jungle set that are too great to miss.

First up is a trailer for a re-imagined Jurassic Park IV, this version eschewing high tech wows for handheld frights (courtesy of GoldenTusk)

Next is another video by GoldenTusk, this time bringing us a trailer for the “new” Indiana Jones movie. Hey, at least it doesn’t have farting gophers.

Our next video, by Kill9Tv, serves up an ’80s-tastic music video for a rocking tune inspired by Far Cry 3.

Poke-maniacs! Check out this live-action parody video starring a Pikachu who’s seen better days. (Courtesy of Ihavmnyskills)

Want to see more of YouTube Space L.A? Tom takes us on a two part tour (via Cinefix)

And finally, what day of quality programming can truly be finished without an edition of the nightly news? (Thanks to GeekingOutShow)

Be sure to keep it tuned for more GeekLab videos and remember… it’s way more fun when you make your own!

Digging these videos? Excited about YouTube Space?

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