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Your Pumpkin-Smashing Instructional Video of the Day

Herewith, for Halloween from the folks at Ashton Kutcher’s Thrash Lab and in glorious slow-motion, their “Top 10 Ways to Smash a Pumpkin”:

10. Baseball bat.

9. Sword.

8. Thrown against wall.

7. Run over by car.

6. Chain saw.

5. Thrown from roof.

4. Shattering a glass pane.

3. Axe throwing (with pumpkin perched on a dummy’s head).

2. Light saber.

1. Kaboom, in a walkoff.

I can think of some other options — guillotine, dropping a weight on top, woodchipper — but your mileage may vary. And, no, we won’t make any Billy Corgan references here.


  1. diemrbond says:

    Err… number 4 didn’t actually “smash” the pumpkin?

  2. I was really hoping to see “Buttafuoco” as number 5 or 6. :)