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Try This At Home with Crabcat IndustriesTry This At Home with Crabcat Industries

Your Own TARDIS? Doctor Who Snow Globes? TRY THIS AT HOME

Crabcat Industries’ Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan of the Nerdist Channel’s Try This at Home surprise (okay, he knew they were coming, but just play along) Chris Hardwick by showing up at his door to make him a TARDIS. I mean, why even HAVE a house if you can’t have a TARDIS downstairs? (I want a TARDIS. Also, a downstairs.) Lee Shamel joins in to do the carpentry while Holly and Jessica head off to make some Doctor Who snow globes using Mason jars and Doctor Who ornaments and action figures and “Tchotchkes,” which means that they talk like my family. And glitter! Anyway, it’s all befitting the day of the Doctor Who special “The Time of the Doctor.” And Chris’ reaction to the completed TARDIS is perfect.

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  1. Jennifer Baker says:

    A google video search pulls it up just fine:
    awesome video

  2. Sean Steeg says:

    You know what would make this post great? A link to the video. Ar A video, at least. :)

  3. Vince Wilson says:

    Yay nerds!