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You Need to See This New 1/6th-Scale Marty McFly From Hot Toys

You Need to See This New 1/6th-Scale Marty McFly From Hot Toys

Swag and posters are cool, but when it comes to Comic-Con, there are few things better than the collectible toys and figures. From Batman to Spider-Man and everything in between, if you have a favorite character, there’s a good chance there’s a scale model of them for sale at San Diego, and this year, one of the newest might break your wallet:

Yes, that’s right, a 1/6th scale Marty McFly with 1/6th scale Delorean time machine is coming thanks to Hot Toys, and there’s a very likely chance the figure will be available at the convention this weekend.

As is apparent from the above images, the company was even able to obtain the likeness rights to the character, which is so very much appreciated from a fan perspective. The detail on this figure is amazing, and the Delorean is one of the best we’ve ever seen. But, just look at all the other cool accessories that can be included: skateboard, camera, headphones…this is seriously one of the best things we could have seen on the Comic-Con floor.

However much money you planned on bringing to the event, double it because we’re sure this 1/6th scale figure is going to cost a pretty penny. Anyone got a time machine? We need to get our hands on a Grays Sports Almanac stat.

What do you think of this new Marty McFly figurine? Will you picking one up? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: /Film]


  1. OH MAN! I want to so bad. This looks absolutely amazing