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You Made It Weird: The Cartoon!

Daniel Spellman created a short animation for a clip from Steve Agee’s episode of You Made It Weird! Watch it here!

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  1. T says:

    WHY IS THIS VIDEO PRIVATE!?!?!?!?!?! i want to watch


  2. T says:

    WHY DOES IT SAY “THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE” ??!!!!! FIX THIS!! i want to watch


  3. Nichelle says:

    loved the way Long-neck Pete oozed into frame behind the pretty girl at the bar & the quick shot of Steve tumbling back into the grave haha This was hilarious, great job Dan 😀

  4. Jacky Dan says:

    @kyle NOOOOO!!! Failure on my part

  5. Sporin says:

    Did a mini-spit-take on the punchline.

    gyro’s. :)

  6. Leonard Pitchork says:

    Yeah! Moonwalk those clouds! I hope there’s more to come!

  7. Kyle Anderson says:

    And it was “produce by” Katie, so that’s the best part.

  8. Fallujahkid69 says:

    They say the camera adds 10 pounds. I guess animation subtracts 50.

    Jk, keep it crispy y’all. Love you, Pete.

  9. bastien says:

    Funny, I always figured an animated version of Pete would look more like a fish in slacks. *shrugs*

  10. Josh says:

    Oh man, what a great snippet — awesome job, man! hilarious animation!

  11. Jake says:

    That is so crispy!

  12. CXRengel says:

    Another great submission from Dan!