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Episode 99: You Made It Weird
Paul Scheer
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #99: Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer (The League! How Did This Get Made Podcast! Human Giant!) finally gets in the studio to make it wonderful and weird. Just a delightful and hilarious human man. God, we love us some Paul Scheer and hope you weirdos do too! GET INTO IT!

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  • Kale is a stunning superfood and I would like to hear more about it in life and in podcastz.
    I like to dice it up super fine (parsley style) and add it to the pan towards the end. (in a stir fry/tofu scramble etc)

    “…and our stock is down, and CFO…” Pete kneowz bizness!
    Mr Belding is a Poon hound? Lolz forevskies.
    Why would a bitches want to be sharin’ a suitcase? Absurd.

    <3 Paul Scheer! So open and engaging & ntsf:sd:suv is the best!

  • I’m gonna sound totally obsessed, maybe that’s a good thing I don’t know. i just happened to click on an old EP on computer (#10 Alec Sulkin) and in that one you mentioned reading ‘God is not Great’ but you told Paul Scheer you hadn’t read it. Huh?
    Good night!

  • What Paul says about how religion has stopped evolving is an interesting point. I think major changes to christianity will not happen mostly because the church is not a part of the governing body any longer. The reformation occured during a time when religion was a part of the ruling class, so people rose up to change the ideas of religion because of the corruption that it was breeding. Now religion is an extracirricular for most people if they are religious. No one is clamoring for religion to evolve because it doesn’t effect their daily life.

    I would love to see some shake up in the world of christianity, judaism, or islam, but I just don’t think the pressures are there to push people for change. Unfortunately the rest of the world kept evolving, but religion stayed still for the most part.

  • Not sure what religious folks you’re around, Jeff, but they ain’t that way at all here in the Bible Belt, where there’s the highest concentration of religion in the U.S. It’s WAY more than just an extracurricular activity. It dominates people’s lives, and it’s not simply a matter of no one pushing for it to evolve; it’s a matter of them fighting against the very idea of religion evolving. They consider the Bible perfect and infallible, literally the Word of God, so in their eyes any type of change is a bad thing. Crazy, I know, but that’s what they believe.

  • Paul’s comments on religion were interesting, but the one thing I’d argue is that sometimes there’s a valid reason for an atheist to make a fuss. For example, in Quebec, the rapid modernization and move away from the Church in the 60s has created a very secular society. They’re working at making it so that the government isn’t perceived as sticking up for one faith over another.

    Except that the crucifix in the National Assembly gets to stay for *historical* reasons. And rules banning overly religious garb with government employees would ban turbans and kippahs, but not crosses. Because, like Pete jokes (but some people seem to take seriously), Christianity is just *regular*. It’s everything else that has a religious connotation to it.

  • Pete’s most unromantic thing ever is a lot like John Cusack’s conversation with his woman in High Fidelity…it isn’t all that romantic, but it’s not all that bad of a thing.

  • Knew I recognised Paul from somewhere – the Bates 3000 sketch from The Onion Movie.
    Man your exes sound like ridiculous loons. You’re better off with a donut when they’re that wrong in the head.
    Thanks for another great show.

  • For me Sunny is a hit or miss show, sometimes it is balrey makes me laugh and its “weak” episodes are really bad, imo. The League, no matter how boring the episode always generates 3 or 4 laugh out loud moments. I agree this season has been the weakest but I think that can be attributed more to the premise of the show wearing thin and the repetition of the humor. BUT to compare it to Dexter and Sunny to BBad is a horrible comparison, unless you are completely dismissive of football/fantasy football, then I could understand the comparison.