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Episode 83: You Made It Weird
Live from SF Outside Lands!
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #83: Live from SF Outside Lands!

Holy shit. The weirdest, most uncomfortable episode ever. By far. I mean, buckle up. IT. GETS. AWKWARD. Yeeeeek! With the hilarious Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show!), Jackie Kashian (Dork Forest podcast!), Jon Glaser (Delocated!) and Brett Gelman (NBCs Go On, Eagleheart!). Soak in the weirdness, then shower afterwards. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF AWKWARDNESS!

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  1. Hankel says:

    CHRIST the ego on Jon Glaser is extraordinary!

    And he’s supposed to be a comedian?

    Regardless of whether Pete’s comments were insensitive or not (frankly I don’t see what the big deal is), lets assume they were EXTREMELY insensitive.

    It obviously wasn’t Pete’s intention to offend and he apologised immediately once he realized Glaser was actually upset.

    However Glaser took it in the worst possible way, and was deliberately hostile and defensive about it.

    Apparently in Glasers world, all protocol about smoothing over social interaction goes out the window the second anything upsets him. its time to make it about ME ME ME. Fuck actually making an entertaining podcast.

    Guy needs to sort out his own issues instead of putting them on other people.

    All that said, its rare you see any artists/comedians/whatevers being willing to publish anything this weird, so three cheers for Pete for having the balls to put this out, knowing its going to make him look bad to some people.

  2. rhzunam says:

    “Pete is the human equivalent of a Sour Patch Kid. He will say something totally messed up, rude, and intrusive, then win you back with that manchild charm and ridiculous laugh.”

    See no, that´s not it at all. There is no guarantee and nor they should be that just because Pete is the way it is, that he should be excused for normal common sense personal relationships. And this is the case for many because that is the reason why Pete got massacred in the Podmass comments on this issue (which was too much imo because he wasn´t malicious). I hope Pete realises what his fans don´t, that he´s not excused becuase of the way he is from insulting and offending people in situations like with Glaser.

    As for what does a comedian should do, the fact you bring up how that isn´t the way you would react and that it would be wrong for it to do so, show how was wrong in the situation. You say Glaser should react like comics do but comics are also extremely sensitive to stuff like this. And even so, if you say that they should be able to handle it because of how they combat hecklers, does whether they react or not change who was wrong in that situation? Nobody goes or nobody should go and say “he´s at fault because of the way he didn´t handle that heckler, not the heckler”. The heckler is the one that is wrong as was Pete this way. That´s why Pete was sorry and that´s why he kept apologizing and being repentive. And yet fans are trying to make it as if Jon was at fault when the comment was rude and would be rude in any situation. People are saying how Glaser should react to help the show but it was said that he and Pete weren´t that close. So why should he help out after the insulting situation that Pete put Glaser in during his show?

  3. Wick76 says:

    rhzunam…all of your comments are fine if you apply them to the regular world, but this is not the regular world. It is the world of comedy. I absolutely agree that what Pete said was wrong, but 50% of what Pete says seems to be uncomfortable and wrong. Jon Glaser makes his living as a professional comedian, which means that he must come up against hecklers, drunks, and dummies all the time. Does he just sit quietly and pout at them? Is his move to deadpan them into shame? No…I am sure he does what any comedian would do and eviscerate them with his wit and vocabulary. He could have made the situation work in his favor. He could have ripped Pete a new asshole, but done it in a funny way. Instead, he chose the civilian/pedestrian route. That is what I would have done…..because I am not a professional comedian. The only reason I defend Pete here is because his words were not what was out of the ordinary. Glaser’s reaction to his words was. If you know anything about Pete, you know that he most likely would have thought about what he said and started apologizing on his own if Glaser would have let him. Pete is the human equivalent of a Sour Patch Kid. He will say something totally messed up, rude, and intrusive, then win you back with that manchild charm and ridiculous laugh.

  4. TONE says:

    Pete’s hosting mistake aside, Glaser clearly had some undealt with animosity and jealousy toward Pete. The defensive posturing and forcing everybody on stage to shut up while he explained to the crowd that he was doing JUST FINE really reflected his inferiority complex with Pete and the world. So Pete fucked up, but Glaser has to be a professional (comedian) in that situation and gracefully change subjects or something.

  5. Mitch says:

    Alex, you seriously can’t think of any other ways Jon could have handled the situation other than getting that butt hurt about it? Maybe just say “I find this subject inappropriate can we move on?” It would have made it weird still without making Jon look like a jerk.

  6. rhzunam says:

    “That is where he thrives. I do agree that the comment was in poor taste, but that seems to be par for the course when it comes to old Petie Pants.”

    See this is exaclty the point. Pete was wrong but because he´s old “petie pants” it´s totally understandable for him to be excused and Jon is the bad one for not buying Pete´s deal.

    “I love you Pete. I hope all of this didn’t get you down too much. Just keep on being Pete. Your real fans will follow you on whatever hilarious/uncomfortable road you decide to take us down.”

    I hope Pete is weary of that road if people are going to applaud him and excuse everything he does. Pete was wrong, did something in bad taste and offensive and screwed up that siuation. But it was just a mistake and wasn´t malicious at all and to his credit, he was very repentive of it and tried to make amends. It was the right thing to admit do it. On the other his fans who excuse him and blame Glaser are another story and show to be totally biased and oblivious to the situation. As I said before, if it was another person or the situation was reversed and they were in Jon´s situation, there would be no talk of being professional or bitter. Like I said I hope he takes heed because otherwise it could be common occurrence and in the neutral world he will not (like he isn´t with this act) fare that well.

  7. Wick76 says:

    Jon Glaser was either constipated, possibly dealing with the loss of his dog/cat, or maybe hadn’t been laid in the last year…..but he obviously was not aware that he was at a COMEDY SHOW! I repeat…..COMEDY SHOW! He is supposedly a “professional comedian”. Not having a sense of humor seems in direct opposition to that. Maybe knowing a little bit about what show you are going on would help. Pete is the king of uncomfortable. That is where he thrives. I do agree that the comment was in poor taste, but that seems to be par for the course when it comes to old Petie Pants. That is part of his charm in my opinion. Glaser could have just rolled with it, or given it back to Pete in a humorous way. Instead, he decided to light a match and attempt to burn down the entire show. He had a chip on his shoulder from the start. The E-Trade comment was just the straw that broke the camels back. What is the point of being a guest on a podcast? I assumed it was to help build your profile among the comedy community, and help keep your brand relevant in this ever changing world of entertainment. Jon took a giant step backwards as far as I am concerned.

    And then we have Brett Gelman. He is always a confrontational prick, so nothing surprising there. Although, this time it seemed far more sincere than usual. Normally it seems like he is playing a character. Turns out that the “real Brett” is pretty similar to “stage Brett”. They are both dicks.

    I love you Pete. I hope all of this didn’t get you down too much. Just keep on being Pete. Your real fans will follow you on whatever hilarious/uncomfortable road you decide to take us down.

  8. laura says:

    Pete was swell! Everyone else was atroc and/or not funny at best Pancake Synger II: Daddy Ruined breakfast & Call of Duty PTSD were the funny parts.

  9. HushJohn says:

    Pete caught Glaser off guard, FIRST question out. Pete acknowledges that he was being a jerk because he thought it would be funny-weird. As host of the show, Pete just kept digging a further hole for himself by being sorta’ condescending and not finding a way to smooth out the situation. Yeah, Glaser, best of circumstances, could have let it slide, but hey, shit happens. Its kinda’ hard for me to blame the guest when the host starts things off with a bad attempt at mean-spirited, awkward comedy.

  10. Robin says:

    I was as confused as the rest of the panel seemed to be when Jon got all serious and offended. I thought he was just doing a deadpan bit for a long time, then I realized he really was being a jerk. It was a shame that he was such a killjoy to the end after the first part of the show, which was hysterical! Eric Andre FTW! Pete, you handled that with incredible patience, character, and humor and I love you all the more for it.

  11. rhzunam says:

    LOL. So now bringing the fact you beat another guy for a job in YOUR show in front of a live audiences is “professional”. I would love for the same people to get passed upped for a promotion and the for the guy that gets the promotion to bring it up in a conference full of people and then for them to think if that was “proffessional”.

    Pete you were right in asking for an apology and it was a mistake but be careful of some of your fans. Their yes man tendencies will distort your image and cause you problems in the real world.

  12. Dodson says:

    HOLY CRAP. I’m trying to listen to the last 20 minutes but Jon KEEPS TALKING. Stop being unfunny! STOP. BEING. UNFUNNY! AND UNPROFESSIONAL! I hope he reads this so he can learn his lesson. Professionals bring up gigs in front of others. You win some, you lose some, and Pete is the opposite of Asshole so why would you assume malice in how he brought it up?

    I hope Jon learned his lesson.

  13. Dodson says:

    It wasn’t that weird. I think Jon overreacted, because actors and professionals always bring up gigs they booked. His fault for being bitter and making things awkward. Usually people brush it off and realize it’s just part of life and not “shitty” at all.

  14. rhzunam says:

    Dangallard point is the perfect example of the BS regarding Glaser. Now Glaser is “bitter and immature”,”jerkface” and “white trash” because he didn´t jump and join the “laughing at everything” and being happy go lucky style of Pete. Who cares that what Pete brought up was incredibly callous and in front of a crowd? He was laughing when he said it so that makes it ok apparently. It´s insane. Are people like Maron or PFT are going to be on the wrong side because they don´t go all “yeah chucks” in the way they are? Glaser is now wrong because he didn´t buy the “I´m excused because I´m this way” Pete Holmes thing?

  15. DanGalland says:

    How it possible that so many people are leaving comments sympathetic to Jon Glaser? This is not the type of situation where I can base my judgement on some sort of special affinity for Pete. Glaser was a jerk – I don’t really care to hear some sort of bleeding heart argument for the way he acted. It was brutal and unnecessary. From the moment he walked onstage he created almost a vacuum in the humor. Everyone’s talking about Pete not taking the time to interview him properly but, why is it that a fellow comedian cannot simply walk onstage, assess the vibe that’s happening (which was a very fun and playful vibe) and join in that stream of consciousness? Jon Glaser, for whatever reason, decided that he was going to come out and change the entire dynamic of the show. Regardless of whether or not Pete brought up the eTrade subject, the show had already gone someplace uncomfortable.

    Pete, if you read this: You did nothing bad enough to warrant that kind of response. There’s nothing worse than a comedian who is too self-important. Jon Glaser’s style of comedy, while funny, can also cause a real superiority complex. Ultra high-brow, metacomedians (Tim Heidecker also comes to mind) can sometimes get so caught up in their own bullshit that they forget how to be a real person. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    Glaser could have so, so easily made that situation into some sort of self-depreciating thing or even have done the “over-kill” opposite where he pretended to harbor some serious ill will toward you and made it funny. Instead he chose the white-trash road. Unnecessary angry confrontation is not brave or worthy of admonishment, sometimes it’s fucking rude.
    I used to semi-enjoy Jon Glaser’s work but now I really can’t see him as anything other than a bitter, immature child.

    Keep up the good work Pete, you’ve got my vote you silly bastard.

    • QuasarSniffer says:

      I pretty much agree with everything DanGalland said, except maybe replace “white trash” with merely “jerkface.”

  16. Carter says:

    Although I sometimes endure this podcast because I am interested in the guest(s), I really, truly dislike Pete Holmes. This episode did nothing to change my mind.

  17. Alec says:

    Eric Andre is a funny guy, but I don’t think the format of the show suited him. He had this class clown vibe* to him that worked well when the attention was on him, but some of his comments later on felt like he just wanted to steer things back to his earlier riffs, even if it was somebody else’s turn, and the conversation had turned over to a completely different topic.

    *I didn’t see this one, but at the Montreal show, he even had the body language down, raising his hand like a kid in grade school when he wanted to go off on some weird tangent

  18. rhzunam says:

    I don´t get how people are against Jon when even Pete admitted that he was wrong. It was a stupid thing for Pete to do and I´m so glad Jon called him out. Even if he may be bitter, which I doubt is the case, it still was callous for him to bring it up the way he did in a live podcast in front of an audience. I hope Pete learns that just because he acts super friendly and happy go lucky, that makes it ok for him to bring things up like that and be insenstive all in the name of “making it weird”. To be fair, I honestly think he didn´t do it on purpose but he was wrong.

  19. Pierre says:

    I usually hate confrontation and awkward talk show interviews, but I’m so fucking glad I listened to this! Pete, you should be proud of this episode, it’s triumphantly real. Boundaries were tested, lines in the sand were drawn, psyches were ripped open, ground was scorched. Mad respect to everyone for taking it all head on. I’m not at all surprised by Glaser’s reaction (career choices, personal defeats and money all in one line of questioning? In public? Pete! Not everyone is comfortable with those things!) but he really comes through in the end to address it all.

    I’m actually surprised more people aren’t on Gelman’s back for being a so paranoid throughout his follow-up interview, which left me feeling wayyy more uncomfortable than Glaser’s. But again, it’s understandable that he would react that way at Eric’s interjection. It seemed pretty clear to me that he did do it as a mercy move to leaven the mood. That one pure, seemingly helpful but subliminally insulting action opened up a can of worms so fast I was right there with you Pete, holding my breath.

    Amazing podcasting.

  20. s mandell says:

    Dude this episode was beyond weird. it was down right awkward.

  21. HushJohn says:

    Have heard Glaser elsewhere and he seems an easygoing guy. Pete seemed to hit a bit of a nerve, and why not? Glaser’s got a family to feed, a career to do, just like anyone else, maybe he needed the job at the time, hell, maybe he just wasn’t in the mood to have a lost job brought up on that day. Pete wanted it weird, he got it weird. Just a shame he couldnt have smoothed things over and been a little gracious quicker- not everyone thinks you are the greatest guy in the world, Pete. Eh, oh well, they hugged it out.

  22. EJ says:

    Glaser was clearly pissed from the moment he got on stage, and I don’t totally blame him. Pete was having an off night as an interviewer and not doing a good job of letting the guests speak and asking them intelligent/interesting questions. which I think turned Glaser off before the ETrade thing even came up. Pete, I love ya, but you were a lazy host in this episode.

  23. Crump's Brother says:

    That was awesome.

  24. G. M. Frank says:

    Jon did overreact but this is what happens when you think that people are going to be happy for your successes regardless of how they fared in the deal. Pete, it would be like if your ex invited you to her wedding to the new guy. Well, not quite that bad but it’s like you’re saying to Jon, “I know that sucked for you but it worked out for me so everything’s okay!”

    • QuasarSniffer says:

      In my opinion, comedians like this have no business being butthurt over jokes, at least if they’re only told once and without malice. I mean, it’s not like Glaser is Jay Leno or even a Jeff Dunham; you know, a Big Time name with a family friendly-reputation. Unlike those two, he’s also highly respected by other comedians. I don’t understand how he can be so taken aback by being the subject of a joke at a COMEDY FESTIVAL at an event where he is literally surrounded by comedians. Same thing with Gelman. It’s like if an atheist went to the Vatican and got offended because he saw a religious symbol there.

  25. Terry R says:

    All this did was make me not like Gelman or Glasser, nothing like being butt hurt during a comedy show. Lame.

  26. Kristen says:

    ps, Eric Andre SO GREAT

  27. Kristen says:

    I think Pete honestly felt bad 🙁 There was no malice behind it, but I’m glad Jon stuck to his guns about saying he was pissed that he brought it up. I get both sides. Hilarious ep up until that point. Loved the Jamaica bit.

  28. QuasarSniffer says:

    Ugh, I have even more love for Pete Holmes after listening to this. To me, Jon Glaser and Brett Gelman (especially Glaser) comported themselves with almost zero levels of class or comedic sportsmanship. I would have thought that a group of grown men auditioning to be a baby in a commercial is an inherently ridiculous topic, one ripe for comedic riffing (it sounds like a late-night sketch show premise on its own), so for Glaser to basically say “fuck you” to Holmes and the crowd when the subject was broached just shows him to have no sense of humor or respect for the audience and his peers.

    To play devil’s advocate, it did seem like he didn’t really know what the podcast was about and that it was probably described to him as something like “WTF with Marc Maron, but goofier because of Pete Holmes.” Soooo…. maybe he thought it would be a more straight-up interview or something. Still, what the hell?

    On a side note, why did Jackie Kashian have to describe every comic book she enjoyed in that bitter, sarcastic tone she used? What? Nerds can’t enjoy things without also insulting them? Much thanks to Pete and Eric for actually being funny , being nice, and generally keeping it crispy, even if Eric did say that nonsense about all comic books being the result of “drinking the Kool-Aid.” It’s all good though.

  29. Jaron says:

    I felt awkward hearing that and can only imagine how awkward and weird actually experiencing that in person would have felt. I’m sure Pete didn’t mean any thing by talking about E-Trade. U also don’t think Jon was wrong for being upset (if he truly was upset and it wasn’t a bit). Jon not getting E*Trade gig probably did piss him off way back when he probably got past it kind of and this situation just sent out some pent up resentment. I’m not sure if interrupting the story to talk about Morgan Freeman was justified or not because I didn’t go back to listen I honestly just wanted to get through the episode. This kind of went past weird and straight to really uncomfortable.

  30. Bunnicula says:

    Christ, I hope that was a bit. If not, Glaser is a catastrophic cunt!

  31. Lila says:

    I’m shaking a bit..absolutely hate confrontation. Eric Andre, however, WHAT A DELIGHT! so many feelings…

  32. Jeremy says:

    Don’t actors and comedians go out for parts all the time against one another? Why is Jon so bitter? Is it some unwritten rule that you’re NEVER supposed to talk about the part you didn’t get? Seems childish. Pete, there was nothing wrong with bringing it up. Jon seemed like Tim Heidecker when he’s being a dick IN CHARACTER.

  33. Lisa says:

    SO. AWKWARD. Jon Glaser was a terrible guest. He was pre-disposed to bitterness from the start and clearly combative. I love, love, love Pete Holmes and truly think he did nothing wrong. Comedians are supposed to have a thicker skin than that, anyways.

  34. Rob says:

    Jackie Kashian contributing absolutely nothing amusing or interesting to this podcast, and actually did a worse job of attempting to entertain the listener than she did when she was on Doug Loves Movies last week (9/5). Her presence is a revelation in blech.

  35. Geoff says:

    FYI: The “Only the Lonely” referenced was the Motels song, not the Roy Orbison song.

  36. jamidd says:

    The first moment re: the E-trade thing was weird but I understood. The second one where Gelman got mad at Eric really rubbed me the wrong way.

    • onReload says:

      Jamidd: part of Gelman’s act is to act like he hates people (as a whole or individually). He was just using the opportunity to call back to/make fun of the way Jon Glaser reacted to Pete. Was trying to put the show back in the funny zone.

      I thought it was interesting that he went for a serious, non-live YMIW type of interview, where he actually went introspective and talked about some of his childhood. Wasn’t nearly as funny as Andre/Jackie’s bits, but pretty cool

  37. onReload says:

    …This has to be a joke

  38. Sporin says:

    Damn…. that got weird… yikes.

    Pete went too far but I clearly he didn’t do it on purpose, I don’t think he expected that reaction. I think that he’s an over-sharer and that brings the funny most times but will occasionally go too far. This was one of those times.

    I don’t blame Jon for being pissed, and glad he was direct about it.

    To be fair, this was a pretty weird episode even before the E-Trade debacle. But I’ll take a comedian pushing things a bit to far and failing every so often versus guys who play it safe and never stretch an idea because they are to squeamish to risk offending anyone.

  39. Nerder than most, but not the nerdest says:

    I just listened to this last night but my memory sucks. Was the second awkward moment when someone interrupted Gelman to talk about Morgan Freeman? Or was there another awkward part I forgot?

  40. Joe says:

    I don’t fault either person. I will say that Glaser has been doing well for a very long time, and most likely already has wayy more money than Pete does. Definitely way more than Eric Andre, who thought he might be joking. It’s a job, Pete got it, he didn’t, get over it, you’re already rich. I love his work, but this didn’t make his stock go up in my book. Just one man’s opinion.

  41. Ricky says:

    Anyone else kind of put off by Gelman’s defensive stance on how intelligent he is? I’m sure he’s a smart dude, but he’s a comic, not curing cancer or saving the world.

    Strangely I was more ok with the confrontation with Glaser… because Pete was being kind of an a-hole.

  42. Matt says:

    Welp, I’m the worst. First my iPhone autocorrects my own name, then I post two edits? Kept saying there was an error in my post, but I guess not. I’ll go die alone now.

  43. Mike says:

    Taking a phone call mid-podcast during Manzoukas’ episode, talking over everyone else on yesterday’s Nerdist, and now airing private professional information before a live studio audience? New Pete is making Marc Maron look like Old Pete. I love the podcast (and the host), but when did this become You Disrespected the Guest?

  44. Mike says:

    Taking a phone call mid-podcast during Manzoukas’ episode, talking over everyone else on yesterday’s Nerdist, and now airing private professional information before a live studio audience? New Pete is making Maron look like Old Pete. I love the podcast (and the host), but when did he become this self-centered?

  45. Matt says:

    Taking a phone call mid-podcast during Manzoukas’ episode, talking over everyone else on yesterday’s Nerdist, and now airing private professional information before a live studio audience? New Pete is making Maron look like Old Pete. I love the podcast (and the host), but when did he become this self-centered?

  46. jimjim says:

    with that said, PETE, I love you, and the way you handled it was 100% perfect. It shows your true character.

  47. jimjim says:

    I agree with Alex:
    “Wow, can’t believe everyone is so lockstep against Jon. To me Jon was 100% right that it was a shitty thing to bring up. I actually thought it was refreshing, in such a passive aggressive society, to hear someone actually call someone out when they deserve to be. I’m sure Pete makes fucking bank on those commercials, they are on all the goddamn time and have been for years. To bring it up not only on a podcast but a live podcast in front of an audience, out of the blue, was completely out of line. To shit on Jon for making things awkward and “shutting down the comedy” when it was Pete’s fault for bringing up a sensitive and wholly unfunny topic is just disingenuous.

    Seriously, what was Jon supposed to say in response to it being brought up? There was no comedic route to go navigate that cliff. Listen to it again, it was all Pete’s fault, not Jon’s.”

    It seemed like Jon walked onto the stage and Pete and Andre were in their own world ‘riffing’ without any regard to their new guest. So to make fun of that, Jon went into the audience to show how little room there was for him to speak onstage. I think that’s what got him on the defensive in the first place.
    I’m sure Pete learned a lot from this experience.