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Episode 47: You Made It Weird
Adam Carolla
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #47: Adam Carolla

Podcast and comedy giant Adam Carolla was crispy enough to come by and make it weird (thanks to Katie!), and for this we are grateful. Lots of wisdom, laughs and a great reason why you should call and see if a guitar store is open on a Wednesday afternoon before you just drive there assuming they’d be open. GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!

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  1. troy says:

    His comments about not stressing about what you expose your kids to, show them that you enjoy life with them, really got me. i thought it was brilliant advice. great podcast, adam is a natural at this

  2. Weebee says:

    The world would be a better place without Adam Carolla. *Checks Watch* Isn’t it about time he fucked off?

  3. Mark says:

    Adam: “…literally beige-cloth interior…” as opposed to FIGURATIVE beige-cloth interior? It’s not a phrase that has a figurative meaning in our lexicon, Adam. Believe me, no one would’ve thought there was some figurative, abstract meaning to “beige-cloth interior”. I literally rolled my eyes and figuratively died laughing.

  4. noelg30 says:

    Thanks Pete and Adam for doing this podcast together. Adam grew up with family issues and still worked towards accomplishing a dream. A voice like’s Adam’s is unique, and I feel like I learned something listening to his story. I feel the same way about Pete’s personal stories too. My favorite show so far(working from the first to the most recent. 🙂

  5. Nessa says:

    People trying to say Adam isn’t a homophobic bastard need a reality check. Forget this episode, people should go back to his guest spot on Hollywood Babble-on. He said some stuff about how straight men are sickened by gay people as a starter, to the end result of ‘most things we hate we really bash. so for something that we all hate so much, we actually don’t kick the shit out of them that much, so fags should just be glad about that.’ Which come on now, shock value maybe.. but it’s not even funny. It’s a weird thing to go out of your way to say how disgusted you are by a group of people. It’s not PC vs non PC, just substitute the N word and I wonder if people would have come down on him a little harder. Yes they would have. It’s a free country, so he can say whatever he wants, but I can too, and I think he’s an overrated bigot bastard.

  6. Gabe says:

    Why do you fags hate Mexicans?

  7. from the future says:

    Bill(y) Gene.

  8. Mike says:

    I think I know just where Adam’s dad is coming from.. I’m responsible for my feelings. I have enough respect for others to manage their own feelings, than to DARE suggest that I can influence those feelings. Comedy to me, is presenting an opportunity for me to laugh, and it is my option to decide whether to laugh, with intention. It’s not someone making me laugh, it’s me encountering forms of humor and laughing on purpose over the encounter.

    If the horn player claimed to have used the new horn all the time outside of the two instances you happened to find him using the old horn, you could check that story out, to see whether he does actually use it. To suggest that Adam’s dad needed to learn a lesson by rejecting the offer to lease a different car reveals that Adam and his dad both had misunderstandings of the original transaction.. his dad believing the lease gift was based on something else than what Adam believed the gift would represent, and how Adam believed his dad would interpret the gift’s intention. It’s really pretty simple.

  9. ben says:

    You guys are crazy. I first heard about chris hardwick on adam carolla’s radio show. From what I understand they’re friends from kroq days and promote the hell out of each other. Of course adam has a place on nerdist.

    And he’s hilarious. I’m extremely left wing for what it’s worth, but I’m also a jungian. Adam makes extremely good points from whatever shadow side that lurks in our subconscious. Adam takes the racist, homophobic, misogynistic thoughts that every evolved homo sapien has to deal with and suppress and he makes light of them and doesn’t apologize for thinking as a complete human being with flaws.

    It’s probably healthy. Plus he’s hilarious.

    I think getting mad at someone for not having the same thoughts as you on everything is what we’re actually seeing on nerdist board. Which is one corner of the autism triangle. Ironically, you’re all getting mad at a guy who doctor drew says most likely has aspergers!

  10. Co says:

    I like Adam, I’ve always liked Adam, ever since Loveline. Its funny to see how he is so polarizing. I think a lot of people feel weird about him because he is brash, speaks his mind, and is a complete outsider to the comedy world. Although he can get a bit out-there, and does say some cringe-worthy things. He’s an intelligent, funny guy, especially when you consider the way he had grown up.

  11. Bill says:

    Hate speech is not illegal in the US and I don’t think it should be (I’m pro free speech).

    I used the term hate speech because it was the term Gene first chose to describe Garafalo’s speech against republicans. But I don’t care what terms people use (hate speech, talking shit, racism etc.)

  12. Tomcat says:

    I Like Pete, I don’t agree with everything he says I consider him to be intelectually honest I think he really wants to know things, all things,

    I like Janeane I consider her to intelectually dishonest about anything that falls to the right of NPR, so obviously I don’t agree with every thing she says.

    I like Adam I consider him intellectually honest, but in the way of all who are intelligent but lack formal education I think he is overly prone to generalization, and his points are not well thought out, or at least are contradictory as they are not followed out to their conclusion.

    I will say this I loathe the term hate speach, there is a woman in
    England going to jail for getting drunk, getting on a train and going Mel Gibson. Carolla has his oppinons about everything and as a guy who has such a varied life experience from digging ditches with immigrants, to writing, producing and acting in TV and Film I damn well stand by his right to say what he feels, to observe what he observes and let us all interpret those oppions alongside those of Garafalo, Maron, C.K., Bruce, Carlin, Hicks and anyone else who wants to put something out there.

    To the guy Upthread who wanted to use what Carolla said about the Trayvon case is no different that what Jesse Jackson said about being relieved to see white teenagers behind him, It is also no different than what I experienced when I drove a cab in college, the people who refused to pickup African Americans were the Somalian and Ethopian’s who had through their own observations came to that decision.

    What Carolla is ranting about in that segment is that the media attempts to build a narrative that supports the Racist, Oppresive, and Bigoted Society meme that distracts from the real things that face us like teen pregnancy(there are few things more predictive of future poverty), out of wedlock children(see this as racist all you want it still is statistically horrible for the kid) mental health(especially depression) and Illegal immigration( again call it xenophobic if you want but do you really consider the status quo good? I myself have been in 3 car accidents in my life in all three illegal immigrants with no license and no insurance have been at fault)

  13. Bill says:

    Fucking finally you make a point! By calling republicans retards she is using hate speech against the mentally disabled (just like calling an opponent a fag would be hate speech against gays).

    Yes that is hate speech (against the mentally retarded), I think if any of her supporters have missed this it is because her intended target wasn’t the disabled, whereas Carolla often directly targets minorities (Mexicans, women etc).

    Hate speech by the way is still the criteria you chose, my opinions of the 2 is mostly about their stance on the war (which people are free to have the opposite judgement pro/against).

    The thing I hate THE MOST though (my “pet peeve”) is when people act like everything is the same as everything else.

    Hating on racists and homophobes is not the same thing as hating on minorities (re: the “be more open minded” comments). Shitting on powerful political parties (that includes democrats) is not the same as shitting on the disenfranchised.

    (I thought) you were saying that her hating on republicans is the same thing as him hating on minorities, which no. But her inadvertently shitting on retards should be called out by libs that care about slurs and hate speech and she should apologize and switch to calling repubs vermin or French or something.

  14. Gene says:

    She equated Tea Partiers with the mentally disabled, and not even in an unserious or comedic way; she perpetuated the discredited claim that conservative ideologies are harbored by an imbalance of the brain. If liberals were as sympathetic to the plight of the handicapped as they claim to be, they would condemn her comments. Instead, since it furthers their cause, they celebrate her. That is hypocrisy, plain and simple.

  15. Bill says:

    Is “hate speech” (or talking shit) against communists or against white supremacists just as bad as talking shit against minorities, republicans and democrats? Is talking shit against every group exactly equivalent?

    No it’s not. Talking shit against people for an ideology they have embraced and aligned themselves with (republican, democrat, green party, communist, fascist, racist/supremacist) is not the same as talking shit against a group of people for who they are (race, sex, orientation etc).

  16. Gene says:

    I’ve said nothing of the sort. You’ve explicitly defended Garofalo’s hate speech, as I accurately predicted, but I have not defended (nor will I) anything that Carolla has said. Go ahead, read back through my comments, and you’ll discover your error. I abhor all such language.

  17. Bill says:

    @Gene are you as outraged by Carolla’s hate speech against minorities as you are about Janean’s against republicans? why don’t you clear that the fuck up? (you are the one saying they should be viewed as equivalent).

    But anyways yes hate speech against a disenfranchised group or groups that are institutionally, systemically discriminated against is more heinous than hate speech against the most powerful political parties (that includes republicans and democrats).

    Never said you couldn’t view it as the opposite but you are the one trying to force that Carolla=good and Garafolo=bad is the one non-hypocritical position which is moronic.

  18. Gene says:


    So, hate speech against non-minorities > hate speech against minorities. And, hate speech against non-minorities is completely acceptable.

    Got it, thanks for clearing that up.

  19. deeznuts says:

    I love this show. I have been listening since the beginning. BUT,
    in the Shelby Fero podcast you give the world a lot of shit about sports and then become somewhat agreeable with Adam Coralla about sports.
    You have said you are contradictory so, ok. But you do come off a little unauthentic. I love sports, but I don’t make it my life. I take care of my family and will turn he tv off or not turn it on if I can spend time with those I love. But giving people shit about being fans of sports then changing the impression of that because Adam is podcasting is bothersome.
    Also the reason people watch the big game like SuperBowl or watch NBA finals is beacuse its fun to hang out. Don’t make a THING out of it; most people are not thinking that far into I’m sure.
    Again I have no intention to insult I was just annoyed, nothing more. Please continue to find yourself, the journey of learning about you is still rather interesting.

    Take care..

  20. Bill says:

    Had to add that I can’t believe that I am actually arguing with someone over the very obvious statement that the 2 are different.

    You must be shocked whenever Garafalo is the frequent target for ridicule for her antiwar stance, you must be thinking why is it always Garafalo and never Carolla when they are basically the same person?

  21. Bill says:

    @Gene no.

    1) Pick any criteria (not the one I was “picking and choosing”) and decide that you like Carolla and dislike Garafalo (which is your preference but nerds that have that vice versa are hypocrites apparently)

    2) It is you that are picking the exact criteria they should be judged on (being “full of hate”) (what if I am judging them on their position and role in championing for/against the war?)

    anyways you are picking “full of hate” okay and then you are saying people have to view Janean’s bigotry against republicans and teabaggers as equivalent to Carolla’s bigotry against minorities (e.g. lgbt, Mexicans etc). (I can choose to view bigotry against visible minority groups as a more heinous hate speech, you can choose to view bigotry against a powerful political group as more heinous hate speech).

    Then if pressed I would bet that you do not acknowledge or care about Carolla’s bigotry against minority groups but if liberals don’t acknowledge or care about Garafalo’s bigotry against a political party then it’s the height of hypocrisy.

    Who is trying to pick things to be exactly what they want now?

    You Gene, it’s always been you, oops almost broke into a ballad.

  22. Gene says:

    @Bill, you’re defending Garofalo and condemning Carolla by picking and choosing what you want to present as evidence that one is full of hate and the other is not. My point was that critics of Carolla will do just what you did, and it’s hypocritical to do so. You’ve proven this, whether you want to admit it or not. Peace out.

  23. Bill says:

    @Gene you moron.

    Comments like mine is exactly what you expect to see on a Garafalo episode? You mean my comment where I didn’t say a single positive (or negative) thing about her? You expect to see just neutral or factual statements?

    I stated the fact that she was one of the few and early people publicly opposing the war. If you preferred one of the positions they have taken in the past that is you picking a side. I didn’t GIVE Carolla his fine-with-torture chunk, and I didn’t put her out there on TV loudly opposing the war in 2003.

    And it is also funny that you are criticizing her (Which was my point, that neither “side” would be hypocritical or ridiculous for liking one and disliking/criticizing the other).

    Basically I am saying you take your toys (disliking Garafalo) and I’ll take my toys (disliking Carolla) and peace out.

  24. Gene says:

    @Bill, comments like yours are exactly what I expect to see when Garofalo’s episode is posted. You share her general views, so you put the blinders on when she says something that is completely asinine.

    Like this:

    Or this:

    I’m sure that you think she is being patriotic and truthful in her criticisms of those who disagree with her, but if you actually think about what she is saying, it is outright hate speech.

  25. blindnil says:

    Adam is a douchebag more often than not when it comes to generalizing. He’s a master of generalizing people, places and things and its his MO. Comedians do that. I find some of his points salient and many of them as ignorant as Fallwell’s. Dude does what he does. Get over it. Get mad at your local congressman if you if want to make a difference. But most of us don’t vote in local elections= the problems we have. Pay attention to your backyard, not the national stage

  26. Bill says:

    @Ron I assumed your comment was saying the same thing as @Gene. “Can’t wait to hear from the commenters about how “enlightened” and “intelligent” she is.”

    As if people finding one of them abhorrent and the other intelligent somehow proves something (I’m assuming he takes it to show hypocrisy even though there is nothing hypocritical about it) and it’s not hypocritical in either direction.

    Janean Garafalo: was one of the early (and very few) voices on TV arguing against the Iraq war and has spoken out against torture etc. (and received death threats for speaking out against the war)

    Adam Carolla: has on his podcast defended torture, enhanced interrogation, and holding without lawyers/trial etc.

    If you believe that making the type of criticisms of your country that she has made is unpatriotic then you could find her disgusting but cheer for Carolla. If you feel some of the tactics were tantamount to war crimes then you could view Carolla as a disgusting supporter of imperialism.

    Same goes for the “have an open mind nerds” comments. Yeah nerds have an open mind about sexism and racism, and if you have already heard it from him before and have your own conclusion that it is those things then have an open mind and fucking like it this time you close-minded nerds!

  27. Kass says:

    Holy bananas, what is going on? I didn’t listen b/c Corolla’s kinda meh and generally asinine, (shocker- as the owner of a vag, he’s just not for me- like a Tim Allen w/ no JTT) but wowza- Reaction City over here. And not about the episode, just the guest. So I guess I’ll leave it on the last resort list…?

    This comment section made it super weird.

  28. Bobby says:

    This is one of the best hour and a halves I’ve ever spent on the internet. Adam is absolutely absorbing to listen to. Very few people can really hold interest for this length of time with just audio. Adam is one. Great interview. I wonder how his parents would feel if they heard this?….well, no danger of that!

  29. drink a whisky drink says:


    “making fun of Junior Seau’s grieving mother as she is suffering through her son’s suicide”

    If that’s true then it’s even funnier that Adam and (I think it was Penn Jillette) were whining that someone was making fun of Breitbart after his death. Poor Adam someone was making fun of Breitbart? Wahh.

  30. Ron says:

    My comment was not meant to be taken politcally at all. I expect the Jeaneane episode comments to be as hilarious as this one because she, like Adam can be polarizing and the comment section will surely be filled with people questioning why Pete had her on in the first place.

    If you read too much beyond that then that is something on your end.

  31. Listener says:

    To commenters crying that they aren’t being given examples of Carolla’s isms.

    I’ll quote Adam Carolla.


    “Women use more of their brain like a handicapped person uses more of their wheelchair they have to try harder. They are at a handicap.”

    “How come guys get to be the president, how come guys get to build the skyscrapers? Because we’re the ones who do it better.”

    “They’re the mothers. They work well in many capacities but they don’t have as good a sense of humor as guys, they’re not as smart as guys by and large.”


    “When did we start giving a shit about these people (transgendered)… I’m a pre-opp transgendered trans-neutral trans-fat, shut the fuck up.”

    (about glbt) “shouldn’t it be something that spells something? like ‘yuck’?”


    (About Trayvon and Zimmerman) “Because if that was a kid of a different nationality who didn’t commit a disproportionate amount of crime that guy wouldn’t be as nervous about it…It’s just like when cab drivers won’t pick up black guys… who’s driving the cabs it’s not even white guys and that’s whitey being racist?”

    “We never stop beating ourselves up about it (racism) we can never let it go. Ever since we got our first black president the people who can’t let it go have stepped it up.” (complaining about racism).

    “certain breeds of dogs tend to bite… when you see black teens your brain does like uhh.”

  32. Bill says:

    I don’t care about your left vs right argument in the comments but you idiots with your “I can’t wait to see what the comments on Garafalo’s episode will be like” and the silly “don’t be judgmental” comments.

    Adam Carolla and Janeane Garafalo are not the same person and have expressed very different view points and comedy styles. What exactly, detective retard, do you think you have exposed if someone compliments one of them and insults the other? “AHA you are judging 2 things that are different as being different than each other! I have cracked this wide open!”

  33. Ron says:

    Great episode Pete! Adam’s kodiak bear analogy in regards to his family’s indifference was great! Pete trying to do an Adam impressionwas hilarious too and actually got Adam to analyze why nobody can do an impression of him. Sounds like Pete had a good time and it sounded like they had a big-brother/little-brother chemistry going.

    These hate comments are hilarious! Can’t wait to see what the Janeane Garofalo episode comment thread will look like. haha.

  34. Josh says:

    Hey Walter! Dude, you’re name is “Walter”. So pipe down before a flock of arguing weirdo’s toss you into a cornfield and LASER yo’ ass!

    We don’t miss, Walter. Very accurate, we are.

  35. Dotsquad says:

    @Liam <——— LMFAO…………can't….. breath…….

  36. Liam says:

    Can we please just stop fighting each other over Adam Carolla, and concentrate on how we all hate Walter

  37. Dotsquad says:

    @Az, I do not disagree with you – nor, do I think Carolla does. AS a longtime fan, I can remember Schwarzenegger being consistently ripped on both Loveline and his syndicated radio show. Not to sound too melodramatic but my “vote” is way too important to give to any celebrity, athlete, or entertainer whose only qualification is being famous in their particular field. This would include KJ (why does this keep happening in California-lol) Ventura, Franken and “wingnut” REP Steve Largent. As for Reagan and Bill Bradley… well that was a different time and besides, these two would be considered way too moderate by their respective parties to even be given a chance to run today….lol. Oh and thanks so much for highlighting my grammatical error … goddamn cellphone “predictive text” ;P

  38. Walter says:

    Pete Holmes is annoying. He keeps interrupting Adam’s stories with stupid tangential points and that god awful laugh. He needs to shut up.

  39. Nathan says:

    I don’t really agree with most of what Adam has to stay (I’m a pretty effeminate guy who has no interest in doing manly stuff) but he’s at least entertaining to listen to. And I have to imagine many of his opinions on being a man;s man come from the crappy childhood he talked about (which was hilarious)

  40. lauren says:

    huge fan of both of these guys! adam carolla is really not the ‘man show’ many people think he is… and people who chose not to like him have already made that choice, so.. whatevs.

    the reason why i know about pete holmes is because he was on adam’s podcast a couple months ago.. and now i’ve listened to every one of his podcasts. great epi!

  41. Liam says:

    I just picture Pete reading these comments and then staring at the camera while a single tear rolls down his cheek

    I’m not a fan of Carolla’s stuff (that I’ve heard, which admittedly isn’t much) but I still found this an entertaining chat. The only episode I’ve had to turn off midway through was the Duncan Trussell one, but seeing as it was something I got for free I didn’t feel it was appropriate to come on here and complain about it

    But whatever floats your boat ¯\(°_0)/¯

  42. nick says:

    Holy fuck the nerd rage is coming out. Could it be that you all hate Adam because he was the kind of guy who would have made your life hell? I thought nerds were supposed to be open minded? I love the fact that people are giving Louis C.K. a pass because he “thinks things out” yet Adam is shit all over for doing the same thing.

    By the way just because he believes he shouldn’t pay more taxes because he worked his ass off to become a millionaire and thinks the borders should be beffed up doesn’t make him right wing. He is still pro-choice, pro-marijuana and acutally is in favor of gay marriage.

  43. Atrox says:

    I’d be more inclined to listen to that reconciliatory bullshit if he was consistent about it.

  44. Az says:

    @Dotsquad, LOLz yea dotsquad right on, err get it on. I think I can see your point about immaturity, and I guess Adam’s point too. See if some people elect a “popular athlete (in the prime of their career) to hold a high ranking government position” they are showing their “immaturely.” But then it follows immediately that when repubs elect someone like say Ronald Regan or Arnold Schwarzenegger they too are showing their immaturity. I suppose he has a point of some kind. Then again, maybe it’s just okay to elect actors and not boxers I mean geeeeez electing boxers is just prima facie immature right. This is fo realz; this isn’t high school.

  45. chris says:

    LOL. Could not agree more dotsquad – Get it on!

  46. Dotsquad says:

    WOW…… Atrox …You are an idiot.—- Not because of your beliefs but rather, your incorrect interpretations of Adam’s. He is not anti-gay or homophobic. When he rants on the LBGT community – His point is always that he doesn’t care and that the “rest of us” shouldn’t care either. He is not against them. He has always maintained that the whole argument is ridiculous and that people should be able to live however they want. Its odd to me that you bring up the Philippines/ Pacquiao rant because it’s not only funny but …C’mon… think about it — it’s spot on. If back in 1988 the good people of NY elected Mike Tyson as their next Senator …. we would of all thought them to be bat$#!! crazy. Hmmm… Maybe Lebron should forget about the playoffs and get into the 2012 race. Duh… His point is any country that wants to elect their most popular athlete (in the prime of their career) to hold a high ranking government position is showing it’s immaturely. It’s not high school, where the star QB gets elected student council President. Your problem Atrox is that you can’t see the forest because of the trees… the very,very funny trees!!!

  47. Wendy says:

    wow, very disappointed in my fellow weirdos…if someone as harmless as Adam Carolla can get under your skin, how on Earth do you function in the world? Take a deep breath, count to ten, exhale. Not everyone is like you. And that’s ok.

  48. Aeshir says:

    Hey Pete, that bit you were talking about on the manliness of gay dudes is by Steve Hughes, and I agree, it’s fantastic.

    <3 and reacharound hugs.

  49. Chief Politicallycorrect says:

    I just listened to this episode and must say I used to hate Carolla, now I want to impregnate him. My dick is crispy.