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Episode 47: You Made It Weird
Adam Carolla
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #47: Adam Carolla

Podcast and comedy giant Adam Carolla was crispy enough to come by and make it weird (thanks to Katie!), and for this we are grateful. Lots of wisdom, laughs and a great reason why you should call and see if a guitar store is open on a Wednesday afternoon before you just drive there assuming they’d be open. GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!

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  1. Daniel says:

    That was fucking awesome. Kudos Pete and Adam. Goddamn.

  2. Josh says:

    lol Oh man, weirdest comment thread ever.

    Hey Pete! Great job on this ep! If nothing else, you’ve created some super fascinating and entertaining character studies with this show! I’m not a fan of Adam Corolla, and I’m left of center (pro-choice, pro-equality in marriage, pro-draft … weird, I know). But no politics or ethical arguments here. I think the intensity of this comment thread is in some ways a measurement of how much you’re rocking it! Think about it this way: If you wanted these comment threads to stop being so intense, you COULD get totally boring guests to come in and talk about totally unimportant, neutral things. But you don’t, Pete Holmes! You don’t!

    As for me? I don’t know anything about Adam Corolla’s politics, and I’m not going to google it either. What I WILL say is that he came off on this podcast as a funny, honest guy who has come an awfully long way to be as completely stagnant as he is. I can’t help but think, if he really did listen to his football coach, that he would know there’s no such thing as stagnancy. There’s only progress, and regress. If you think you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards.

    BTW, in case you’re wondering, the only Hollywood guy who would send me away from YMIW is Mel Gibson — even as a surprise guest on a live ep. (omg could you imagine? “And now, Mel Gibson!” “WAAAAUUGH JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS!” “HAAA! Laser accuracy!”) Listen Pete, if Mel Gibson ever comes on YMIW, I’ll probably have to cut and paste the entire Talmud into this comment thread. Just sayin’. You’ve been warned. (c;

    P.S.: Just listened to your ep. on The Mutant Season. Almost died with laughter. You should totally interview Gil on YMIW. What a funny kid!

  3. Heidi says:

    I agree with Liam…super weird. This was a very crispy episode.. straight out of the fryer crisp. I think he’s funny and he does good things. I go on unintelligible rants all of the time as I’m sure everyone else does but mine aren’t out there to be criticized. Also a lot of it is comedy. I’m asian and sometimes I don’t like his jokes but I don’t take offense to it because they’re just jokes..I have more important things to worry about than what a person I’ve never met says. Plus he does great things for charity, an overall good person and a great father. So I give him kudos, there aren’t many people that are even half as involved with the community or with their kids as he is. I wish he was my dad instead of a guy that I’ve never met.

  4. Kyle S. says:

    Funny that Adam is getting as much hate as Duncan Trussell got when those two dudes couldn’t be more different. Maybe Weirdos only like guests who think and talk like they do. I hope that’s not the case, ’cause that would mean they’re just like people who watch cable news: just tuning in to hear their own thoughts and opinions parroted back at them.

    I thought this was a great show. Adam’s stories about his family are absolutely harrowing.

  5. raney says:

    herp derp i don’t listen to people i don’t agree with why is adam crayola so closed minded!

  6. MarkiMark says:

    Everyone just fucking listen or don’t. People always gotta jump on one side immediately so they look like they’re in charge of themselves. Everyone has little bits of gold in them that can change your life forever, but if you just dismiss someone because of one thought, word, phrase or action, you’ll be the most cynical, fucked up and alone prude with grey matter all over your jeans and are the very reason humans aren’t really evolving anymore. Learn to understand the value of people and our minds, it’s fucking incredible!

  7. Liam says:

    You guys made these comments weird

  8. ju says:

    Yeah… but still

  9. Atrox says:

    I guess I need to point out that exactly ONE person said anything critical about his politics.

    I don’t give a shit about his politics. What bothers me is the thoughtless, hateful shit that comes out of his head, and how he seems to think he’s speaking truth to power and acting like a real man.

    For example, ranting about how no one should give a shit about transgender individuals. Or how the LGBT community should instead use “YUCK” as an acronym. Or about how Mexicans are ruining California. Or about how the Philippines and Philippinos need to “get a fucking life, as a country” and have nothing going for them besides an “illiterate guy who won’t give blood” (Pacquiao) that they want to run their country. Or vomiting a series of “chings” and “chongs” in reference to an award recipient giving a speech at an Asian American award show.

    Being a comedian isn’t a pass to say whatever you want. Offensive shit is offensive shit. It doesn’t just automatically get mitigated down to “off color joke” just because you know how to adjust a mic stand.

    You know what the difference between Louis C.K. and Adam Carolla is? Louis C.K. couches a thought, a point, or a punchline in the outrageous, offensive shit he says. Carolla thinks saying outrageous, offensive shit is the joke.

  10. ju says:

    A lot of tolerant open-minded human beings around here. I’m quite disapointed by all those hate comments. I thougt that the Nerdist audience was more educated and more able to deal with different opinions.

    I love Carolla, even if almost every of his political views are the opposite of mines. Sorry for the bad english.

  11. Az says:

    @Alan, ditto his schtick bores me to tears too. Though, reading about how butt hurt his supporters are that commenters are calling him out did give me a chuckle. After listening to the epi, at least, it was better than the Greg Fitzsimmons epi. In any case, you can’t win them all.

    Pete, as an aside, you did great during the bowling match against the Mad Men crew(homeless Pete Campbell, classic zinger). Though, I’m surprised you agreed to do something so competitive.

  12. Van Hammersely says:

    to answer Atrox’s question of:

    “So does Nerdist not hear the racist, misogynistic, ignorant, and/or hurtful shit that this asshat spews or do you guys just not care?”

    No, because its not there, and the good folks here at Nerdist wouldn’t hace any guest on that they actually think is like that.

    I’m sure these guys don’t owe Carolla any favors so why would they allow for the criticism?

  13. Alan says:

    I don’t give a shit about his politics. His hateful, close-minded and ‘Someday we’ll all be chicks’ POV is bores me to tears about him.

  14. Van Hammersely says:

    I knew Carolla would ruffle some feathers here, and i love it. The truth is, the guy probably has one of the quickest minds in comedy, and i feel like only his fans are really aware of this.

    Politics aside (and he does have some), the man is a genius of comedy.

    Suite M3Lts on this board, btw. possibly a YMIW first!!

  15. rhzunam says:

    It’s insane. I disagree with a lot of opinions of Adam Carolla but the guy is very funny. Plus it’s just disagreements. It’s doesn’t mean he’s views are that insane. He’s not that far into the right. It’s not like he’s Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin. For people to rant on Nerdist and You Made it Weird for having it, would be the same of when people boo on Patton Oswalt or when they kick people out of churches for not voting for Bush. Bill Burr was right in a way and this looks like the Left version of Bill Maher’s republican bubble.

  16. highwyre237 says:

    Comment threads like this are the reason I never read comments after news articles..

    The most annoying people in the world are those with strong opinions based off of headlines…

    People are upset over a guest that is one of the founders of podcasting, but are willing to spend an hour and a half listening to some college kid who tweets in her spare time… (I loved that episode BTW)

    Might as well stop listening to every podcast on this network, pretty sure Katie got started on carolla’s network.

  17. kash says:

    I am very sensitive to political correctness. This episode is still very worth listening too. The family stuff is hilarious.

  18. Graham Wellington says:

    Great show…compelling and rich.

  19. Landstander says:

    Love me some Alan… I mean Adam.

  20. Gene says:

    Wow, I’m glad that none of the commenters are ever going to be on YMIW. If they were, I’d be forced to listen and then tell everyone how much I hated listening to it.

    Pete has said before that he has already recorded a YMIW episode with Janeane Garofalo, which gets VERY political. Can’t wait to hear from the commenters about how “enlightened” and “intelligent” she is.

    Get over yourselves.

  21. Tim says:

    Raindog & Analogkidd – well put. Trying to talk Carolla-haters down is a pretty futile endeavor though. Once people get into their minds that they don’t like him they’re just not going to give him a chance. They’ll latch on to one off-color joke as proof of their uninformed opinion of the man, and they’re off to the races. Most seem to think that he doesn’t like gay people just because he was part of something called “The Man Show”.

    Great podcast, Pete!

  22. Joe says:

    I consider myself a politically tuned-in person. If you disagree with Adam Corolla’s politics to the point that you don’t even want to listen, fine, don’t listen.

    I don’t care much for Bobcat Goldthwait’s political beliefs, but I listened to the Nerdist podcast he did anyway. And you know what? There were some damn funny stories there. Bobcat seems like a really nice, genuine dude. I absolutely disagree with him on politics, but I could listen to his stories all day.

    I don’t think that Chris Hardwick has ever come right out and stated his political views, but I’m pretty sure that he’s a left-leaning guy. That’s fine. He seems like a lot of fun to hang out with and I would love to bowl a few games with him.

    At some point, you just have to get over it and look past a person’s ideology. Hollywood is extremely progressive/liberal. It doesn’t stop me from watching movies.

  23. Tony C. says:

    agree with thyhoopyfrood you might not like Corolla but this podcast was an interesting look at his life

  24. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    The image of Adam Corolla dancing to Lady Gaga with his kids is hilarious.

  25. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    This episode was worth it just for the stories of his family alone.

  26. Bryan says:

    Wow, very judgemental on the comments today. That’s disappointing.

  27. ThyHoopyFrood says:

    I expected to be the only one with a distaste for Adam Corolla on here but I see I was wrong.

    However, I don’t hate Corolla. I do find him entertaining to listen but the difference is I just don’t agree with his opinions at all. I do think this was a good episode of You Made It Weird but I just can’t get behind Corolla’s opinions. I guess I shouldn’t of said I have a distaste for Corolla but rather just his views of the world.

  28. Guydudebro says:

    And by left wing I meant right wing.

  29. Guydudebro says:

    These are the same people that brush off Man Sgow or Loveline without even listening and generalize it all as mysogenistic even though Carolla and mysogeny are the butt of the joke 95% of the time. It’s like not liking Colbert Report because it’s too “left wing.”

  30. ComedyRun says:

    I don’t feel like Carolla says anything more inflammatory or offensive than someone like Louis C.K. Yet, I feel like people are much quicker to condemn Carolla. I am of the same camp as the people above who stated that he is a comedian and comedians often say controversial things. I don’t believe that Carolla is some kind of evil bigot, the same way that I don’t believe Louis C.K. is a dangerous sociopath. The same way that no one will force you to watch anything you don’t agree with, even if it’s on your favorite TV channel, no one is forcing you to listen to this specific podcast, even if you love You Made It Weird or The Nerdist.

  31. Guydudebro says:

    I am going to listen to this BECAUSE Carolla is on it.

  32. Daneezzy says:

    wow, this reads like the comments on Yahoo news… Be open Nerdists, Carolla is worth listening to just as much as that college student Emily Gordon.

  33. Rodrigo says:

    @Ian on Agreed! I will skip this one, don’t care for Adam Carolla. His Nerdist appearances are probably my least favorite Nerdist episodes.

    To any first You Made it Weird listeners go listen to the Emily Gordon episode the best by far!

  34. Atrox says:

    @raindog – Nice straw man analogy. It might make more sense if the fire was in plain view and the people asking where it was refused to look up from their work.

    You’ve got a really thoughtful way of looking at the world going there. In that case, why should you look into anything that you find questionable? It’s a miracle you know anything at all.

    If we’re making stupid analogies: I don’t believe in gravity. The burden of proof is on you. Don’t tell me to google it. I mean, why should I look up something you believe?

    You have the ability to see if what I’m saying is true, you just refuse to do so. I fail to see where that becomes my problem.

  35. RainDog says:

    PS…if you just don’t think he is funny. Grand.

    I don’t think Bill Maher or Blue Collar Comedy is particularly funny or poignant, but I would label them as just that, NOT FUNNY. I don’t have to pretend that I don’t like them cause they’re racist, ignorant, or misogynists.

    Its funny that people have to label comedians to the extreme. They are comedians. The minute someone has to use inflammatory labels like racist, or misogynist, or even ignorant, it takes it to a disheartening level.

  36. Chris H. says:

    Will not listen based on guest alone. Screw Adam Carolla. It’s sad to see him on Nerdist.

  37. RainDog says:


    First of all why would I google Carolla for examples of what YOU think he is?

    If YOU make the assumptions and the labels, then it is up to YOU to provide such evidence. That is how the world works to the logical and pragmatic.

    You’ve essentially ran into a building shouted “fire!!” and when pressed told everyone go and seek out the blaze themselves.

    I find it irresponsible to make assumptions and put things out there if you aren’t prepared to back them up when questioned.

    I am a huge fan of Pete’s podcast, but for full disclosure I have listened to Carolla for well over a decade through loveline, his radio show and now podcast and anything people have taken offense to have either been filtered through the prism of comedy or through his broadcasting and a lot of it has been facetious and down right in the spirit of comedy.

    What I know about Carolla is that he pays his taxes, raises his family, and puts out broadcasts and comedy that he forces NO ONE to listen to. He’s hardly a pillar of evil in this world.

    If you think Carolla is the worst this world has to offer, or if its his humor that downright chills you to the bone I’d like to see the secluded bubble you live in…because you seem to have it pretty good my friend.

    That being said this was good pod.

  38. Atrox says:

    @Analog: That’s not intellectually disingenuous at all. I suggest a less specifically unhelpful search term.

    Raindog’s comment is REALLY well thought out, though, you’re right. I’m torn between the part where he insists that I need to prove that he’s a wife-beating, minority-lynching, sexual-harassing klansman (which is TOTALLY what I said) and the part where he reprimands someone for making generalizations based on political leanings by making a sweeping generalization based on political leanings.

    Some Chomsky level shit right thur.

  39. James M says:

    I just want to say that I really enjoyed this podcast, and I think Carolla is very funny; just want to offset some of the zealots on this comment section.

  40. Ian says:

    Hey Weirdos, you do know you can skip podcast right?

  41. Analogkidd says:

    @Atrox I Googled “adam carolla unintelligible rants” and it only returned 2100 results, and the whole first page was about his anti-OWS rant. So, using your suggestion, I found no misogyny, racism, ignorant or hurtful content. Think the OWS folks are idiots does not actually make someone right-wing. Appearing on Fox News or filling in for Dennis Miller doesn’t either. Probably a good guess to place him right of center.

    But as RainDog pointed out in his well thought out (much more so than “Google It”) comment, having a differing opinion doesn’t make someone a hate-monger. Uninformed name calling like yours certainly fits that bill much better.

    I’m left of center, and have not burst into flames because of anything Carolla has ever said.

  42. Sean says:

    Great episode.

  43. Atrox says:

    @Raindog: Oh god, you’re right. Your machismo has shown me the error of my ways. I guess I’m just being a pansy liberal whiner.

    Use google if you want evidence. He’s got a million unintelligible rants.

    I’m going to go out on a limb, though, and say you’ll probably look at them and go “I don’t see what’s wrong here”. Call it a fucking hunch.

  44. RainDog says:

    Right-wing? Carolla is a true libertarian in every sense of the world. He is into individualism, hates bureaucracy, and the establishment but on the flip side he doesn’t give a fuck if you do drugs, who you want to marry or what you want to do with your body. Real right wing stuff, right?

    Even if he was “right-wing” that is no reason to keep someone off a podcast. This is a free country. The sad irony is I am sure the commenter said “right-wing” in the derogatory because they’re “left-wing”…the undisuputed party of tolerance. Except when their biases and predjudices are needed to stifle people they disagree with.

    Now with the assertion of racist, or misogyinst can I get some proof on that. Its easy to come on the internets and call someone those inflammatory names but a lot harder to back em’ up.

    Where’s this track record of racism, or misogyny?

    Some jokes, off color humor, facetious comments or what? Are these the proof.

    I’m gonna need more that that to label somone such things are racist or misogyinist.

    If you tell me he doesn’t hire minorities, wears a klan hood to lynching on sundays, randomly shoots brothers, sexually harasses the women he works with, and then goes home and beats the shit out of his wife and kids. Then you have your proof.

    Get off your high horses, and stop getting on the world wide web and taking shit so serious. Carolla is a fucking comedian. Don’t let him rub your sensibilities so roughly, even though they all seem to be delicate and sensitive.

    I love Pete’s podcast. I love Carollas. I am very excited to hear this.

  45. Tom Steele says:

    What Atrox said. Please keep Adam off the nerdist network if you’re just gonna laugh and agree with the shit he says.

  46. Atrox says:

    So does Nerdist not hear the racist, misogynistic, ignorant, and/or hurtful shit that this asshat spews or do you guys just not care?

    Stop encouraging this asshole. He has his own cesspool.

  47. rag says:

    I am a fan of Pete and his podcast… but Adam Carolla is a right-wing douche-bag 😉 I’d love it if someone would take him to task for all the ignorant shit he’s recently said. (Jimmy Dore or Eddie Peppitone, here’s lookin’ at you!)

  48. Scott says:

    Adam is certainly multi-talented. Swinging a hammer, podcasting, making fun of Junior Seau’s grieving mother as she is suffering through her son’s suicide. In his defense, he did it in the most insolent, sullen, cold-hearted way possible.

    If you’d like to hear how inspired Adam can be, check out his podcast with Jim Jefferies on 5-4-2012. He and Jefferies REALLY have some idiotic, man-show fun at her expense.

  49. Dom says:

    Pete, crispy as ever. Carolla, unlistenable as ever.

    At least now I know for sure that no one can make him tolerable. If Good Ol’ Pete can’t do the job, no one can.

  50. I get to get it on, no choice but to get it on, mandate get it on with Adam Carolla twice today!!! What WILL the neighbors think??!?!?

    It’s raining, my back is killing me but I get to listen to the dulcet nasally tones of Adam Carolla.

    Seriously, I love me some Aceman!