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You Made It Weird #236: Harris Wittels Returns
Episode 236: You Made It Weird
Harris Wittels Returns
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #236: Harris Wittels Returns

Harris Wittels (Parks and Rec! Comedy! Don’t Stop or We’ll Die!) returns to make it weirder!

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Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

NOTE, FEBRUARY 2015: We mourn the passing of Harris Wittels, a friend to many at Nerdist and an amazing comedy talent. He was a guest on three of our shows; click these links to hear his first appearance on You Made it Weird, his appearance on a live You Made it Weird from L.A. Riot Festival, his appearance on Nerdist Writers Panel, and his appearance on Making It with Riki Lindhome.

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  1. It took over 26 minutes for this obnoxious host to finally let this man talk and tell his story.  His desire to be on the show and share his struggle was a call for help and he was so patient and polite as the host of the show kept dominating and de-railing the conversation.  I seriously cringed each time he was shut down, particularly when he obviously was trying to steer the interview to his drug problem – the host just kept yammering on about “ants..HA HA HA””  laughing at his own self perceived cleverness.  So heartbreaking to think that Harris came on his show to share a very real and vulnerable secret and this clown and his lack of empathy took over.  And now Harris is DEAD.  Such talent lost, and so heartbreaking that he wasn’t valued or respected during this important interview. An interview that could have empowers not only the subject sharing his story – but countless others who needed to hear his story.  SHAMEFUL.

    • Rick says:

      All those going after Pete in this comment section are cruel and without empathy. Pete was trying to lead him to a light place, and show him that he was loved and enjoyed. They are using a wonderful persons tragic passing as an opportunity to grand stand. Shame on you. And thanks for giving us this last, wonderful interview, Pete.

  2. Rebecca says:

    What a beautiful, honest, amazing interview. Thank you for sharing this. It was amazing to listen to and great to feel close to him for even just an hour and a half. Great job Pete. Harris will be missed and so thankful for the laughs. 

  3. NaturalBornChilla says:

    Very sad that he succumbed to his addiction… He seemed like a great, funny and talented guy. Only found out about him a week or 2 after his death. He died way too young and probably would have given us many laughs and good movies/shows. RIP Harris!

  4. Jared Martinez says:

    Man it’s hard to listen to this right now.So fucking sad. I always tell myself I’m not going to do heroin until I’m 80 years old.

  5. Hap says:

    I was where he was in his pill stage.  I remember just the craziness of trying to hide it from everyone I knew and maintain 2 jobs and a wife and my 1 year old son.  I remember her saying to me “Don’t forget Christopher’s 2nd birthday party is tomorrow.” And I immediately thought about whether or not I had enough pills to make it through.  She read my face and said, what’s wrong?  I broke down.  She had no idea.  It changed my life forever.  My son is 6 and a half, my daughter is 4 and a half.  I am happy and sober, but it could have very easily gone the other way.  RIP 

  6. Nate says:

    Listening to this episode now is like interviewing someone right after they die. Like talking to Kurt Cobain the second AFTER he pulled the trigger. 
    Remember the scene in Beetlejuice when they talk to the receptionist? “If I knew then, what I know now, I never would have had my little accident”. Like that. 
    The foreshadowing and hope and misery and self awareness and delusion are all on display in rich, full color and man, does it suck to know how it ends. 

  7. Jason says:

    This episode was incredibly bitter-sweet to listen to, but it’s another strange example of how messy and confusing this existence is. We all miss you so much Harris. I’m not religious at all, but I truly, honestly hope you’re in a better place now. Your mark has been left on all of us. Thank you so much.

  8. CT says:

    I mean 3 months later

  9. CT says:

    RIP. I see that Harris died exactly 1 year after this podcast. What’s up with that? 6.20.1984-2.19.15

  10. z says:

    we’ll miss you, harris wittels

  11. RyanAntiHero says:

    Listening to this today is supremely depressing…

  12. Dennis (Germany) says:

    It seems unfair to put Pete down in retrospect. Maybe I am projecting but it felt like Pete was somewhat surprised and uncomfortable with how dark the story got and naturally went into comedian mode. I am overall very thankful for this conversation and the insight into a wowonderful persona. Thanks for the laughs, Harris!

  13. Dani says:

    This is so heartbreaking… he was lucky to have survived that long but then met his ultimate end because of an addiction. I pray that someday there is more help for addicts, better therapy, better methods of dealing with this illness. RIP Harris… 

  14. Errand says:

    Too bad Pete couldn’t STFU Long enough to let Harris finish a sentence.

  15. asdasd says:

    So weird listening to this now. He even says it, if I relapse I will die.

  16. Ramone says:

    This is one of the weirdest.  Gotta revisit it now.  Shit man.

  17. Hanky says:

    When I first listened to this episode, it felt like it was one of the most impressive episodes of any podcast ever. Harris exposed so much of something that so many would consider shameful, and displayed a genuine desire to make a change. It’s still as impressive as always, but the hopeful outlook of recovery compared to the actual conclusion makes the reality so much harder to deal with. “We’re all just molecules” It’s true to a certain point, but kind of like that robot in that one Simpson’s episode… Why?  Why were these molecules programmed to feel pain?

  18. Tina says:

    There were so many times I wanted you both to just be in the moment of the story without HAVING TO MAKE a joke. But that’s the hard part, right! Our culture seems to have little tolerance for the difficult and painful. Maybe this is why drug use has tripled in the last 5 years. I wanted more room for the story to be sad or organically funny in its insanity, in its truth, in its complexity; like the story you shared about the guy who could listen without NEEDING to nod his head or prove anything. This interview left me wanting more of that guy from myself.  Life is BEAUTIFUL. It is also VERY TOUGH STUFF. May we all learn to be WITH what’s hard, and to get really good at navigating the internal overwhelm that comes with being human. I listen to this story knowing that I will likely lose someone I love in this way. H is on the rise. The detail in this story is a gift. It prepares me, but also let’s me hope. It sends the message that without the ability to say no and stick to that no, J is a journey of slipping away. Yes, I know this is true about all of life,  I am glad Harris was not afraid of death. May he RIP.

  19. dizzlemits says:

    This episode has been helping me through my own struggles with addiction. I hope he knew how much of a positive impact he had on those who could relate, even if he wasn’t able to find his own peace. RIP Harris