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You Made It Weird #196: Jennette McCurdy
Episode 196: You Made It Weird
Jennette McCurdy
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #196: Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy (iCarly, Sam & Cat) makes it weird!

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  1. Anthony says:

    I’d be surprised if Pete didn’t eat Kumail and Emily’s baby.

  2. AAVVVVVAA says:


  3. AAVVVVVAA says:


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  5. Jerry says:

    Man, “The Internet” needs a serious upgrade because his logical way of processing information is so 2006! Didn’t you hear? IE11 is out and ready for download now dude, you should try it!

  6. laura says:

    I feel as though she never made it to the end of an episode before.

  7. Thomas says:

    You know, it really bugs me when I read articles that question the future of “Sam & Cat” and then blame the show’s potential “demise” on Jennette’s racy photo leak, which has also been dubbed by most media outlets as a “scandal.” Rather than question it, they should only report on something like this until they have direct confirmation from Nickelodeon that the show has either been cancelled or renewed. Although we’ve heard a top executive from Nick say that the show will not be cancelled anytime soon, they have still not confirmed a second season of the show and are oddly dragging their feet in making that decision. Strangely enough, the first season of the show is a long one, with up to 40 episodes filmed, which is quite lengthy for one season, especially on a kids network.

    In an effort to be realistic here, if Nickelodeon decides to shelve “Sam & Cat” after just one season, it wouldn’t be due to Jennette’s private photos, but rather that the show itself failed to attract a large enough audience for the show to earn another season. In my opinion, however, I think that such a decision would work out better for both actresses because not only are both starting to get beyond their years of having roles on a kids network, but add to the fact that Ariana Grande has a very successful singing career right now and such a move would give both Jennette and Ariana a chance to branch out and move on to something bigger and better. It’s clear to me that both actresses are willing to move on being that Jennette said in a recent magazine interview that she was getting tired of playing Sam and how Ariana said something similar in which she really doesn’t care for Cat’s red hair as well.

  8. Q says:

    Also, Donna!! Finally someone who actually listens to this glorious podcast for the reason Pete intended. I don’t know Jennette so I wouldn’t harshly judge her based on this recording alone. I feel like I know Pete is a good person because of hearing him so much. Also, the fact that Jennette is actually a fan of the show impresses me, because I feel that people that love this show might enjoy it for the same reasons I do.

    Donna, I agree with you and wish that more people would post more positive comments (quemments) instead of bashing the host, guest, and listeners.

    Peace and keep it crispy!!

  9. Q says:

    I have a belly button!!

  10. Donna says:

    ……… why are people getting so hostile towards each other in the comments, i mean seriously you have just gone and done what pete and jennette were talking about at the start about people making unnecessarily mean comments….
    you don’t know Jennette so you can’t judge her. you don’t know other people posting comments and their story so you can’t judge them.

    The world will be a lot better of a place to live if people would just grow up and stop Judging, especially if you don’t know the bloody person.

    yes i personally feel that jennette talking about this in a public forum was wrong, but i don’t think it undoes the morals and the good she has done with her fame as well as the talent she has. No one deserves to have inappropriate photo’s leaked of them (Male or Female) and i am sure that if we were all in the same situation she was in, we would feel completely helpless and lost because there is no way what has happened can be undone and that will now permanently be held over her head.

    A little understanding and compassion can go a long way, there is no need to attack someone because you set a bar of standards for them and they fell just short of it. Or because they have different opinions than you (we all have different up bringings, therefore we all have different morals, people tend to forget that)

    hope you have all enjoyed this little “being a decent human being” lesson

  11. Craig A says:

    oops, Jenette…

  12. Craig A says:

    Your over thinking the first kiss. A first kiss is best when it comes from mutual passion. It happens when it happens. An end of night/date kiss might be passionate but odds are it will disappoint because it lacks emotion somehow, usually because one of you may just be conforming to a norm, rather than from desperation from not wanting to part.

    @Janette You were with your mother when it happened and she knew it. That was all finished business. Those bits of time/energy were saved for those she needed to touch but had not for years.

  13. The Internet says:

    @Jerome Wallace
    Well then allow me to minister to you, bro. Check out Matthew 7:1 – 7:5 and then reread your post up there.

    Hey, I have more to say regarding what you just said, but I want to start by saying that I really think your admitting that you went overboard and rescinding the name-calling was an awesome thing to do and I totally respect you for doing that.

    It’s funny, though, that you say that Nicole’s argument is baseless because it’s too short, and then tell me that I’m off my rocker for my post being too long. I guess I’ll try to make this one juuust right.

    Nicole’s argument isn’t baseless. What you say is true about common sense. It’s not a good idea to have ANY risque photos of yourself if your’e a public figure EVER, a lesson that Jennette is sure to take to heart from now on. But to blame her for their release is taking it a bit far. A woman isn’t at fault for being raped just because she was walking alone in a bad neighborhood. That’s the rapist’s fault. A man isn’t at fault for being murdered just because he was sleeping with the murderer’s wife. That’s the murderer’s fault. So to say that Jennette is at fault for her private photos being leaked when it’s actually the fault of the person who leaked them and the entertainment media outlets that spread them is victim blaming, pure and simple. Not only is it a logical fallacy, but it’s also morally reprehensible.

    And regarding Andre, as Pete Holmes would say: decisions made in real time are never perfect. Sometimes you keep it going longer than you should in order to give the other person what you think at the time is a “fair chance”. You don’t want to make up your mind too quickly and then regret making the wrong decision later. Relationships are tricky, especially when you’re young; they’re a learning process and this podcast was a retelling of a learning experience, nothing more. She doesn’t claim to have made all the right decisions. You can Monday morning quarterback other people’s relationships, but…you’re on a high horse.

  14. Jerome Wallace says:

    @The Internet

    Oh man. Okay, I know I said I was done, but I just had to respond to you one more time. You think you’re real smart, don’t you? Maybe I’m not gettin’ through to you enough or something because 1999 called and wants its DSL back. While we’re at it, let’s get something else straight. What I said is my opinion, and why should I care if you don’t like what I say? Look man, I didn’t come here to start an argument even if you enjoy doing so. I came here to speak my mind, so you can take it or leave it. Yeah I said what I said, so be that as it may, that’s it. Make fun of me and how I talk all you want because I don’t care anymore, even if you do. I don’t need your lectures on proper obedience, communication or how to live life because I have my minister for that. You really need to learn to quit while you’re ahead. Peace bro.

  15. Adam S says:

    Here’s a quick tip Petey Pants…

    If “Private Browsing” is on (it sounded like it was for Jennette) , history will not be saved on the iPhone.

    So some guests will not be able to see their history.


  16. John says:

    @The Internet

    I’m not even going to bother responding to Nicole, because she represents a baseless argument anyway.

    Man, you’re not going to like hearing this, but you’ve gone completely off your rocker. The fact that you have to write me a book just to get your point across is kind of pathetic. Hey, I think we can both agree and understand that Jennette is placed under a microscope on a daily basis, largely thanks to many of what I like to call the mainstream media’s “malpractice methods”. I also understand that she’s living a dream, but with all this fame, she should’ve known better but to keep a tighter handle on her “goods” (“goods” referring to the pictures or other personal items which she should keep private in the first place). Where was her publicist when all of this was going on? Although I do suppose that due to the nature of the photos, some things should be kept private for a reason. It’s obvious that when she took those pictures of herself and then sent them out to that very special person, she neglected to think of the possibility that said pictures could get leaked. Just another case of putting too much trust in someone (and their team) and failure to use good common sense, really. However, I will admit that I did go overboard in calling her derogatory names, unto which I also apologize to anyone who got offended by that. I just hate reading articles (and listening to podcasts like this one) that make the celebrity in question look vain and stuck up. However, I still stand by my opinion that she did kind of trash Andre here. She also should’ve called it off earlier than that if she wasn’t happy in the relationship.

  17. The Internet says:

    Thank you! A voice of reason hath joined the chorus.

    @Jerome Wallace
    Y’know, Jerome Wallace, the only reason I’m using your and Tom’s names in my posts so much is because you and he seemed to have a strange preoccupation with the fact that you used your names when you posted that shallow, vapid, trash you both called an opinion, Jerome Wallace. I thought it might make you more comfortable, Jerome Wallace, if I used it often while I pointed out the disturbing implications your posts were making about you. Anyway, if you don’t like being insulted on comment threads, Jerome Wallace, try not insulting people on comment threads, celebrities or otherwise. And don’t be ashamed about scampering off like a coward without saying a single word in defense of your ludicrous first post, or (more appropriately) admitting that you were being a sexist bastard and making an apology to the young lady you unfairly and publicly maligned, Jerome Wallace. You’re not the first person to run yowling into the night like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs the second he has his ridiculous beliefs challenged, Jerome Wallace. In the future try to remember that beliefs aren’t a special sacred thing, Jerome Wallace, and you’re not entitled to them. An indefensible belief is invalid, Jerome Wallace, regardless of the number of people who share it. Jerome out! LOL!

    Nobody died and made me the king of what is right and proper. What a ridiculous question. But if your intent is to imply that I’m somehow out of line for passing moral judgement on your behavior then I would encourage you to reread the post I was referring to. Especially the part where you sad this:

    “As for her photo scandal, I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Whoever leaked those photos, the narcissistic bitch got what was coming to her.”

    John…who died and made YOU the king of what is right and proper? You’re basically saying that you have a problem with me doing to you what you did to Jennette. That’s a double standard, John, and it doesn’t fly in a logical conversation. You can deny it, you can obfuscate, and you and hurl insults, but you can’t rationally defend a double standard so I would encourage you not try.

    I don’t have a problem with the fact that any of you HAVE an opinion, I have a problem with the opinion itself. There’s a key difference there that I think you’re failing grasp, so if you need to reread that sentence a few times in order to understand the concept please do so.

    Jennette is a PERSON. She’s not perfect and neither are you and neither am I. But if every time you made a mistake (or did anything that somebody else disagreed with) you had thousands people in your face calling you a piece of shit slut I think you would be a little less likely to jump to these fallacious, dramatic, and insulting conclusions and just allow a little bit more room for empathy in your heart.

    I strongly believe that we can come very close to judging a person’s character by weighing the amount of empathy they have for others, and if that’s the case, then you and Jerome and Tom are coming up short. If I’ve been unnecessarily insulting to any of you then I apologize, but I strongly encourage all of you to think about what it would be like for you if you had millions of people judging your every move as you grew up, waiting for you to fuck up so that they could pass some kind of sick, unnecessary, baseless judgement on you.

  18. Nicole says:

    You assholes are victim blaming, you’re disgusting

  19. John says:

    @The Internet

    Really? I could careless about what you think of what I said about Jennette. Who died and made you king/queen of all that is right and proper? In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a world where difference of opinion is morally accepted, hence the purpose of a discussion or comment board. In other words, I don’t care what you think so as others have said on here, can we please just drop it and move on.

    “Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know” -????

  20. Jerome Wallace says:

    @The Internet

    Man, that’s enough of you and your BS. I don’t have to sit here and be insulted by your rambling comments about how I voiced my opinion and why you think it sucks so bad that I talked the way I did. By the way, inserting my name, as well as Tom’s, into your rebuttal about a dozen times over or more makes you look no more important than you think you already are. Your replies make you sound like a spoiled five year old who constantly demands candy from his/her parents. Man, you need serious help. It’s clear to me that you have nothing better to do than just hang around this site all day just to see if I’ll reply. How pathetic. Move on please because this thing is over, I’m done! Jerome out!

  21. The Internet says:

    @Jerome Wallace
    Wow, Jerome Wallace. Where to begin with you Jerome Wallace?

    I think we should start by taking a look at these “personal beliefs” of which you’re so protective. I would advise you, in the future, to avoid posting your personal beliefs in public if you don’t want them subject to scrutiny and criticism, but since that ship has sailed:

    1. The fact that Jennette McCurdy said a few things that you disagreed with makes her a “piece of shit” and a “slut”.

    2. The fact that she sent photos of her in her underwear means she fucks around.

    3. Her show should get cancelled so that she can “think about what she’s done”.

    Are you for real? It’s a creepy, sexist, scummy set of beliefs Jerome Wallace. You believe that outspoken women deserve to be publicly shamed, Jerome Wallace. You believe that they deserve to be called the filthiest names you can come up with Jerome Wallace. You believe that any woman who shares intimate pictures with even one person of her choosing must mean that she’s a whore who fucks around a lot and deserves to have those pictures spread all over the world, Jerome Wallace. You believe that women who do the previous two things deserve to LOSE THEIR JOBS so that they can sit around and THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE DONE! LIKE A CHILD ON TIME OUT! Could you be any more patronizing, Jerome Wallace? Could you be any more condescending and ugly toward members of the opposite sex, Jerome Wallace?

    And yet…If it was Andre on this podcast talking about how he made out with Jenette McCurdy, would you be so outraged, Jerome Wallace? No, of course you wouldn’t. He would just be a guy talking about guy things like guys do. It’s a sickening double standard and your beliefs make you a sexist pig, Jerome Wallace. Face it and accept it, Jerome Wallace. Or grow a pair and admit it, Jerome Wallace. Take responsibility for your beliefs, Jerome Wallace.

    Also, Jerome Wallace, I think you should look up terms like “making a living” before you use them Jerome Wallace. Because I don’t “make a living” bashing your stupid, arrogant, chauvinistic, beliefs Jerome Wallace. I just enjoy it. Jerome Wallace.

  22. Jerome Wallace says:

    @The Internet

    Man just what exactly are you on because it’s obvious that you’re dealing with a wide range of personal problems and another thing, why can’t you grow a pair and use your real name when you post? You are a hateful cynic who makes a living bashing others beliefs. Yeah I said what I said, so get over it and move on. Get lost, fool.

  23. The Internet says:

    LOL! OK “Tom”. So courageous. *swoon*

    My main problem with your post specifically, Tom, (arrogant, presumptuous, judgemental, gasbaggery aside) was your use of the word “skank”. I’m sorry, Tom, but if Jennette were a man and this were a story about a relationship with a well-known woman that didn’t work out nobody would be batting an eye. If Jennette were a man and personal photos had been leaked of him in his underwear it wouldn’t even be a story, Tom. Nobody would give a shit, Tom. But she’s not a man, Tom, she’s a woman; meaning if she steps one foot outside of the little cage you’ve created for her that tells her which words she can and can’t use, what she can and can’t do, what she can and can’t wear or be photographed in, whom she can and can’t speak with, and what she can and can’t speak with them about, all of a sudden she’s a – how did you put it Tom? – oh yeah a “backstabbing, childish, skank”. It’s 2014, Tom. Chauvinistic, discriminatory, bullshit like that went out of style a couple of decades ago, Tom. Get with the times,…Tom.

    Tom, I also find it funny that you’re using freedom of speech here to defend yourself for the content of your post. I never said that you should be censored, Tom, only that you should use that freedom of speech after using your brain to analyze what you’re about to say for sexist tirades before you say it. Tom, the freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be accountable for what you say, Tom. You attacked Jennette for what she said on this podcast, Tom, and she has the freedom of speech, too. Does that mean you’re wrong to voice your opinion about what she said? Of course not, Tom. Nor is it wrong for me to voice my opinion about what you said, Tom. You used the word hypocrite earlier to describe me, Tom, but you criticized me for doing exactly what you did, didn’t you Tom? So who’s the hypocrite, Tom?

    Now if you’ll excuse me Tom, I have some growing up to do and some tea and krumpets to stick in my pipe and smoke, or whatever you were going on about. Happy trails, Tom.

  24. Tom says:

    @The Internet
    I’m sorry, but you’re just as ugly. Since you’re such a expert on lecturing people on everything including romantic relationships, I’m dying to know all of your world renowned theories, Dr. Love. Judging by your hateful post, I highly doubt it if anyone would bother going out with you too, hoss. What a hypocrite you are for calling me and others out when you use similar words toward myself and others here. You chastise me for being cruel about Jennette’s situation, yet you shame me for having a different opinion and speaking out against her. Who cares if I and others did? You aren’t such an angel yourself. By the way, at least I was man enough to use my own name. Those are mighty big words coming from someone who can’t even post their own name on a comment board (The Internet, really?). You must be a real insecure person who has a lot of growing up to do. Personally, I wouldn’t want to know you either because I’d be too embarrassed to even be associated with someone that has your personality. Who asked you anyway? If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s too bad. It’s called freedom of speech, something which a lot people today have trouble remembering so get used to it. No one forced you to read what I said and believe on this situation anyway. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, as I never expected it to happen anyway. If you don’t like what I have to say, then please leave at your earliest convenience. One mustn’t be critical when he can’t stand perpendicular himself. Right now, it is YOU that is looking like the self-serving “wanker.” Go back to eating your tea and crumpets and stick that in your pipe and smoke it, jerk!

  25. The Internet says:

    @Jerome @Tom @John

    Wow. I can’t believe how ugly and judgmental some people can be. It’s like you’ve never been in an awkward romantic situation before and not known quite how to handle yourself or your emotions. Then again, looking at the way you carry yourselves you’re probably quite hostile and off-putting in your personal lives as well which can tend to sabotage any relationship before it begins, romantic or otherwise. Just a guess based on the available information. People sense that kind of attitude from a mile away and know to steer clear of you so that your crazy ideological bullshit missiles don’t get turned around and launched on them. I mean, Jesus, just judging by your posts I find you people repugnant and completely devoid of empathy or compassion. You don’t even try to put yourself in someone’s shoes before calling them the nastiest names you can think of. For shame. Personally, I wouldn’t want to know you and spending time with you would just be asking to get my feelings hurt for simply being an imperfect human being like everybody else.

    Sometimes people get into a relationship and it’s wrong and they don’t quite know how to handle it or how to feel about it, and that’s what this podcast was about. Sometimes finding happiness means opening yourself up to new people and new experiences and you don’t always meet the right person on the first try. Just look at Pete’s marriage if you want an example. And just because a kiss was bad doesn’t mean that the person you’re kissing is a bad kisser! She was just saying it wasn’t a compatible situation! That’s not a dis! If you didn’t identify with it then at least try to understand how it might feel for someone else before you hop onto a comment thread and starting throwing your lofty opinions and moral judgments around like a bunch of self-satisfied wankers.

  26. Fan says:

    Yo Pete Holmes, I hope you atleast tapped that. You had alot of chemistry with Jeanette on the show. Out of all your podcast’s you took the opportunity to talk about sex and kissing with Jeanette. Muhhhh niggga. Seriously you two would make a great couple. You guy’s agreed with everything, it was clear you two were flirting with eachother. Make it happn’ capn’ and make the move. Jeanette wants you. Who cares about age. – Secret Admirer, but not so secret.

  27. Jerome Wallace says:

    Jennette, I am very disappointed. You say that your 21 years old, but you sure didn’t act like it here. You probably won’t get to read this, but if by chance you do, I just wanted to let you know that you just lost a fan, and I know I’m not the only one who has jumped off your bandwagon! I used to be a big fan of your work ever since iCarly (including your music). Back then you seemed so genuine and down to earth. But after learning of your “private” photos and listening to this very boring and painful podcast, you are nothing but a backstabbing foul mouthed self-centered typical Hollywood POS slut. I can’t believe that you were so stupid and low to not only date someone who you admitted you had no interest in, but then strung him along for a week, dumped him, and then publicly humiliated him by saying that he sucks at “kissing”. However, judging by your “private” provocative photos which were publicly released after you stupidly sent them out to someone you thought you could trust (probably your buddy Colton Tran you love so much even though you admitted to have been blowing him off lately, or even Andre, despite his denial of making them public), everyone knows you meant a lot more than just that. It’s obvious to me that you still have a lot of growing up to do and by sharing all of this information for the world to hear, good luck trying to get another boyfriend right away because those that know what you said about Andre will avoid you like the plague! A piece of advice for you, maybe you can go to Taylor Swift for pointers on how to build a lasting relationship with a significant other because she’s a total expert at dating too. I hope Sam & Cat gets cancelled so that way you can have plenty of time to think about what you’ve just done. Your 15 minutes of fame are almost up, you attention seeking fool.

  28. Tom says:

    Seriously, is she trying to get herself fired from Nickelodeon? She already has a scandalous photo leak and has now thrown her full support toward Nick’s top rival Disney in this podcast. Now all she’d have to do at this point is make sure that every executive at Nickelodeon listened to this, in which case she’d probably receive a slap on the wrist for, unlike Disney, who practically puts all their employees on a tight dog leash to the point where every aspect of their lives are controlled by the executives there. In any case, after hearing this podcast, it would not surprise me if the American Family Association tried to go after Nickelodeon just to tell them how much of a “bad influence” Jennette has become in today’s society with the use of her bad language and overall attitude (which I was surprised about, especially with her dropping the f-bomb at the end). Also having suggestive pictures released is only asking for trouble as well. Any respect I once had for her is now gone and it isn’t coming back. Furthermore, the way she publicly stabbed Andre in the back like that was uncalled for and cruel. If I were her, I’d stay far away from the city of Detroit. Bottom line, if Nickelodeon really doesn’t have a problem with having a backstabbing childish skank as the flagship of their network, then I’d say a full scale evaluation of their staff is immediately needed.

  29. John says:

    I was a fan of Jennette mainly for her music, but after hearing this boring egotistical filled podcast, I’d say it’s high time for Nickelodeon to take out the trash and dump Jennette like she did Andre. It’s bad enough that she dated and then dumped a guy who she obviously had no feelings for anyway, but to then publicly bash him saying he was a “bad kisser”, then send nearly nude photos to him (or her other “friend” Coltan Tran), this only proves that she cares about nobody but herself. As for her photo scandal, I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Whoever leaked those photos, the narcissistic bitch got what was coming to her. I hope this podcast goes viral because it shows just how egotistical Jennette really is. Like Vanessa and Miley, after Sam & Cat wraps up, most will only request her because she had a private photo expose.

  30. Sam says:

    Coldan Hotfield. Lol!!!11!!

  31. Sporin says:

    If you people think he’s a dumb ass over talker, etc. WHY DO YOU KEEP LISTENING?


  32. jeremy says:

    This Guy is a Dumb Ass. Who the fuck give this douchebag a show!!!

  33. Joey says:

    Only fuck Pete Holmes, why do you even has guests on this fucking show. Trying to get a word in with you should be an Olympic spot.

    “mm-hmm” – Jennette McCurdy

  34. Lingerie Jennette says:

    Simply a child in a slut’s body.

  35. Uncle Phil says:

    “I’m a decade older than her, hell, my sisters are older than her, but talking about bad kissers is still an important conversation and I mean that.”

    You sound about two decades younger than what you’re supposed to be.

  36. Sporin says:

    I really enjoyed the interview, but the pillow talk did get out of hand, I ended up just feeling bad for the young man by the end.

    That said, I LIKE when Pete interviews people he doesn’t really know. It makes him a better interviewer and it’s far more interesting for the listener. Seems lately it’s been a parade of comedy friends and writers and it all winds up being so ‘inside’ that I’m left a bit cold as a listener.

    So, Interview, A
    Pete, A (a return to good form imo)
    …but the result… ugh… young people, get it together.

  37. dalya says:

    she shouldn’t heave made fun of that guy no matter how bad their relationahip was. no wonder he leaked those photos. she got what she deserved.

  38. TannyDCuzzo says:

    Big fan of you, Pete. But you have GOT to let the guests talk more.

  39. Richard Hernandez says:

    Michael Jordan is not a forward. Wow

  40. your boo says:

    jen y u troll, wtf is this for real, trolls trolling trolls right? cant troll me im troll proof for shizzleeeeeeeeee

  41. your boo says:

    you know its the little moments that always counted, i love you because you never had expectations or cared about status, ilu babe <3