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You Made It Weird #182: Jordan Peele
Episode 182: You Made It Weird
Jordan Peele
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #182: Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele (Key and Peele!) makes it weird!

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  1. Demi says:

    I just listened to this episode a few days ago, Jordan Peele seems like a pretty genuine dude–great interview! Alright now that I’m done lightly buttering you up, do you have any advice for a 23- year-old lady? I feel like people my age are starting to get their shit together and I’m just kind of aimlessly floating around. I think I’ll be successful one day, I just don’t know how or at what, but some words of encouragement from someone I respect and whose podcast is truly a bright spot in my day, would really be appreciated. Its hard to stay positive in a sea of fuck-head fuckity fucks telling me I’m nothing because I haven’t found a ‘real’ job, like the one they got from a family friend that really puts those skills they developed through their sociology major to great use, yet.

  2. dan says:

    i like turtles too

  3. Anecdope says:

    Not post Yoko. After that he was very pro-woman and disgusted with the role that society casts for women.

  4. Monia says:

    I don’t know if John Lennon is the best person to quote about love, considering he was physically abusive.

  5. Carmen says:

    Pete! I have lived at a commune and you have a few misconceptions I think! First, living communally, sharing living space with a group of people is extremely difficult, not at all easy or drama free. Imagine getting a group to decide on what food to eat – just to start! It takes an extreme amount of time to manage the social aspects of living together. Also there isn’t a lack of ironic self awareness, or not compared to any other group of people at least – a few of us watched Wanderlust and found it very funny. Also most communes have internet and watch Netflix etc. Only a few that I know of that are totally off the grid. Also also….not all communes are vegan…I think the vegan thing is a bit out of style now, lots of hippies are flexible or eat hunted or free range food…that’s more in vogue now. love you PETE xo

  6. Kim says:

    I really wish Pete would not talk over his guests. I know he’s well-meaning, and that it comes from enthusiasm. I still find it hard to listen to him when he talks over the very people I’m trying to hear from.

    To the commenter above: Moshe Kasher is dating Natasha Leggero. I think he’s coping. 🙂

  7. Dummy#12 says:

    If Jordan is dating Chelsea … Moshe Kasher must be devestated.

  8. Bert says:

    Jordan and Chelsea sittin in a tree, K I S S I N G.

    I called it when he was on her podcast doing an impression of the OWN network host she’s talked about constantly watching with her boyfriend.

  9. anon says:

    Wait, Pete’s brother is a hip hop producer? Did we know this?

  10. Alec says:

    Yep, it’s totally Chelsea Peretti.

  11. GetThisD says:

    So much respect for mr. Jordan Peele… Brilliant mind very insightful and funny as fuck. Good Episode Pete.

  12. wtf_pete says:



  13. bastien says:

    I love Jordan and Keegan, they were always a favorite on Mad TV and their show is great. I love that they’re able to bring such an important point of view to TV as multi-racial comedians.

  14. Protoman says:

    This episode was awesome

  15. Joseph Bridges says:


  16. Fake Name says:

    Jordan Peele is dating Chelsea Peretti.

  17. Riley Brogan says:

    I’ve never posted on here before, but I can’t say how excited I was to find Jordan Peele on here just now. Huge fan of Key and Peele. If I were questioned on my biggest laugh, the best one in my short term memory is watching this show when they did their “Insult Comic” sketch.

    Pete, I absolutely love the show, man. I work part time and am taking night classes right now, so I don’t get home until right about when your show starts. It’s perfect. At first I was a little uncertain just because the interview portion was a little to rushed for me, but the online extended clips helped to fill that void so it felt more organic and lengthy. I will continue to watch every night! Keep up the great work!!!!!