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Episode 164: You Made It Weird
Trevor Moore
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #164: Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore (The Whitest Kids U Know!) makes it weird!

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  • EXCELLENT! As a history nerd I LOVED that you talked about WWI &WWII entrance conspiracies. I think it was done to make us appear to not have an imperial bent so we didn’t look like corrupted European nations which we opposed in our countries founding. Also Mr. Moore’s and your analysis of Hell and religion (also tying in history of the Canon of the bible) was spot on. Best ep yet Pete! What an awesome spanking story!

  • I’m with Trevor – smoking rocks and giving up sucks ASS.
    I discovered quite by accident that I have OCD last December. It was very interesting to me hearing Trevor talk about his Christian upbringing versus OCD. I had to go to church with the family from an early age and I remember asking my mum why I had these terrible intrusive thoughts sometimes when I tried to pray – she told me it was just the devil trying to sabotage my prayers. Well it took me a good 30 years to find out that it was because my brain’s got a knackered gearbox. It was also interesting to hear his comments on medication cos they’re doing their damndest to get me on meds now and I’m resisting because not a fan of pharmaceuticals.
    Made me laugh when you asked him if he has a pre-sleep routine … D’oh!

  • Pete.. How is it Ive never heard you mention Derren Brown. LookHimUp. As soon as you watch one of his specials on youtube, you’ll want to see them all. He’s a British magician/hypnotist/mentalist. He was raised christian then lost his faith. He doesn’t believe in psychics, yet can convince many that he is himself, psychic. Really… you’re gonna love this guy. Start with his vid with Simon Pegg, “you’ll beam with excitment”, then check out his “messiah” special. He also has a book ‘Tricks of the mind’ which is great.

  • Hey Pete,

    Long time listener, first time…commenter.

    I had to jump in with regards to the ‘eye of the needle’ part. There’s a pretty easy way to understand that passage.

    The Eye of the Needle was a physical landmark along a popular trading route back in Christ’s time. It was a narrow rock formation that was notoriously difficult to get through. Rich people, who had camels loaded with goods, would have to take several days unpacking and moving through the Eye of the Needle.

    So, Christ wasn’t saying that it’s impossible for the rich to go to heaven. He was saying they would have to strip themselves down (get rid of their ego and attachment to belongings) in order to progress.

    I’m no hardcore Christian or Bible expert, but I think that’s a fairly straightforward way to understand that passage.

  • Pete,
    Great episode! There was a lot of hilarious stuff in this one! I look forward to the “I-was-more-right-as-a-kid,” bit, man! Hilarious! I keep having flashbacks lately of listening to great episodes of this like the Jeselnik, Jon Hamm, TJ Miller, and (especially) Shelby Fero episodes (this is all in my opinion, of course!) Those are the greatest! You’re willingness and desire to connect with your fans the way you do is impressive. It’s the best and it rules. I’ve also been having flashback lately to listening to the Breast Milk bit on your CD. It’s brilliant! Thank for the quality entertainment, dude!

  • Pardon the spamming but I’d like to add a very belated “Justin Bieber goes commando.” I listened to all of that episode shortly after it was released! Nice!

  • From Wikipedia: “The “eye of the needle” has been claimed to be a gate in Jerusalem, which opened after the main gate was closed at night. A camel could only pass through this smaller gate if it was stooped and had its baggage removed. This story has been put forth since at least the 15th century, and possibly as far back as the 9th century. However, there is no evidence for the existence of such a gate.

    Variations on this story include that of ancient inns having small entrances to thwart thieves, or a story of an old mountain pass known as the “eye of the needle”, so narrow that merchants would have to dismount from their camels and were thus more vulnerable to waiting brigands. There is no historical evidence for any of these, either. This also ignores the explanation given in Matthew 19:26:“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

  • Pete please don’t do science.

    Plants have chlorophyll (the thing that gives them green color) which reacts with water and minerals to produce energy, humans can’t do that.

  • Jesus I love this podcast but some of these existential conversations are going to cause me to curl up on a rug and just stare into forever. Dear diary…

  • Yay Pete listened to the upset atheists in the comments, good on ya! I had to take a day long break at one of Pete’s laughs this time though, sometimes the laugh goes on so long I just can’t take it

  • I enjoy this and I’m glad to see that my Issue with differentiating between the voice of God and the voices you imagine is shared with other….and I’m not 100% insane.

    But Interesting stuff.

  • I’m sorry Pete, my brain just turned off for the entire conspiracy theory chunk. It’s my least favorite part of any episode. Loved the rest of it though, Trevor’s a great guest.