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Episode 14: You Made It Weird
Marc Maron
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #14: Marc Maron

What could be weirder than having What The Fuck sit down with What The Heck? Do you really need a description? You’re still reading this, so okay. “The incredible host of WTF sits down to make it weird. The only question is: Will he say “keep it crispy” at the end?”

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  • Pete, ever since Nick Kroll called you out on your explosive laughter, it seems like you are trying to contain it. I think the cough-sneeze-laugh is weirder than the bellowing laughter.

    Great show, by the way. I download every week!

  • A great meeting of minds. It felt like Mark was sitting on Pete Holmes’s chest and tickling him for an hour and a half.

    How long until we hear all the “keep it crispy” bits edited back to back?

  • HAHAHA. LOVED the end. Didn’t think Maron would say it either (or without making fun of you first at least!)

    You are so god damn delightful, Pete. Keep it cooked.

  • I dunno, I love Pete’s laugh. He really doesn’t hold back his gleefulness and it always makes me smile or giggle.

    This is my favorite episode so far. Loooove listening to Marc Maron.

  • marc maron is a boring comic. it is terribly obvious, he read lenny bruce, my god, gelman does him funnier, with actually current references. also gelman knows it’s a farce. if there were any currently living ramones, i bet maron wants to be one of them.

    on some level, no one will know a maron joke, nor care. btw, listen to the wtf w/ michael ian black. he is only mildly nice to people anymore because he is making money.

  • YMIW is the becoming the first of the many podcasts I listen to that I HAVE to download and experience on the day it drops–I can’t intentionally delay it as I do with others to savor it and decrease the waiting time for the next episode.

    This one felt atypical, a bit outside the tone of previous episodes. I think Mark hijacked the show a bit. Also disappointed that the discussion of God/spirituality was so perfunctory as that is by far my favorite element of the comedy/sex/God trifecta. Not a bad thing for a one-off but I prefer when Pete is the host and guides the guest to his topics of interest rather than simply letting the conversation go where it will like every other interview-based podcast–that’s what makes YMIW its own show and not a WTF rip-off (I know that claim was made facetiously, or at least partially facetiously, but you know what I mean). Keep it broiled.

  • Amazing episode, and some part of how awesome it was is because of Mark taking it upon himself to co-host the show. I’ve listened to dozens of different podcasts, seen Marc Maron on Conan, but have never listened to WTF. I think i have to check it out now if he gets analytical enough to make Pete as excited and nervous as he was in this YMIW.

  • This show made me hurt inside in the best way possible. I don’t know how to explain how connected to Marc and Pete I felt during the interview, but I love the show, cause it makes me think about things I wouldn’t normally otherwise. Keep up the good work.

  • I think Pete and Marc have more in common than Marc thinks. “Johnny-32 cooks a mean boot soup.” XDD
    Goodness Pete is so patient. I love him endlessly.
    I agree with Marc, that Pete IS innocent. But that’s a beautiful thing about him. Life DID fuck him – like Everyone – he just chose not to be bitter about it.
    “I over think Everything.” –> THIS IS MY LIFE.

  • I LOVE how Pete reacts to Marc’s quips. It’s so funny.
    He’s like -SQWEEEEE!! HAHAHAHA-
    Oh!! They mention Demetri, my FAVORITE!! Hoorahhh!!
    “I love interrupting you, it’s so validating.” XD

  • Pete! I love your show! Its great for comics that are just starting out and trying to get an idea of what to expect. I actually was listening to WTF with Marc Maron before I found your podcast. To be honest, I couldn’t make it through this episode, Maron is just being a straight up bully and it was really annoying. His cynicism was the reason why I just couldn’t listen to his podcast anymore. Also I couldn’t make it through because of all the cheap shots he kept taking at you, you’re a good guy, talented, and hilarious. I’m kind of bummed out that this podcast turned out the way it did.

  • Bit late to Pete Holmes, I honestly resisted listening to YMIW because of his braying donkey laugh. But he does a brilliant Malkovich and he is funny.
    The dynamic between these two is a perfect sado-masochistic relationship. I kept thinking of Little Shop of Horrors, with Maron as the sadistic dentist and Holmes as the pain loving patient. I could listen to Holmes take hits from Maron all day, loved it!