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Episode 131: You Made It Weird
Matt Mira
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #131: Matt Mira

Matt Mira (Nerdist podcast!) makes it weird!

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  • to delete photos on an ipad tap and hold down in full view and in the top right corner there is a trash can. click. photo deleted.

    Great interview love you guys, as a fellow former fat kid, so much catharsis. I still don’t know what it means to feel full, I only know hungry and so full it hurts.

  • Really enjoyable as usual! Matt Mira seems like a swellman. I’ll check out his standup.

    Pete, if you could get your ex-wife on this show, holy shit, I’d pay $50 to download. I know she must listen to it. If there was a show where my ex talked about me to famous people twice a week, I’d listen to every episode (or kill myself). You should ask her though, it would be the weirdest thing ever and you’d get a trillion listens.

  • James, I wasn’t going to bring it up, but that thought occurred to me also when they were talking about reconciliation. A YMIW with the ex would be either the best, or the most awkward thing ever. It would be the must-listen podcast of the century, though.

  • Oh man, I loved this episode.
    Please make history with Making History.
    And also, thank you Matt Mira for bringing up Not Quite Human. I’ve been trying not very hard to find that movie for years. There’s a scene with a used watch salesman in the sequel that I’ve had rolling around in my brain since I saw it as a kid.
    But yeah, great episode all around! Loved Matt’s war stories!

  • I can’t wait to listen to this one, Matt is always funny and engaging on the Nerdist podcast. It really made me happy to see this posted because it’s been slow week in my podcast world. YMIW really hits the spot. :)

  • As someone who’s dealt with self hatred, his Greta Breakup Saga— this portrait of a guy with a simultaneous hyper-awareness of and a blind spot for the things that are going wrong in his life— rang a bell.

    (Jonah doing the verbal equivalent of a smack upside the head on The Nerdist podcast might make Matt more ‘presentable’ for polite company, but pure unadulterated Mira is really hilarious and cathartic)

    I had to stop on the sidewalk and re-listen to this part fully absorb the magnitude of what had happened:

    “…and we haven’t even moved in yet!”
    *Pete groans*
    *Katie groans*

    If Pete says it’s his goal to make Katie laugh, getting that kind of a reaction is a whole other level.

  • I’ll keep this short – this was far and away the best episode of the show that has been done, and there have been a LOT of amazing ones.

    But this was, to borrow a term from you and Hardwick – a game changer.

    I’ll be thinking about this one for days.

  • Jesus F-ING Christ!! 2 hours in –mira and holmes NAIL IT!! Being a New Englander, being non-confrontational, going through a divorce (or major break-up) while not knowing anyone growing up whose parents were divorced, seriously lacking in self-love and self-respect, not ever expecting to be happy in life but rather finding comfort in “meh- good enough”, etc etc. Wow!! Great podcast– Thank you

  • Wow, a few things. The picture for this ep makes me want to make Matt grow a unibrow. Also, 2 minutes longer than PETES BEST FRIENDS PODCAST with Matt McCarthy! I’d love for Pete to do a 3 hour podcast with ONE guest LIVE. Lastly, why did this ep make me google Matt’s gfs? I don’t even care about them.

  • Mr. Miro, I think you are a cool dude. I also love DMB, they were the first band that I learned all the lyrics to all their songs, and the first band that made me feel very emotional when I listened to them. Hope you guys do a live podcast in Kansas City sometime, would love to see you guys.

  • Hey Pete and Matt, great ep! I connected with a lot of things in those three hours. Echoing some of the previous posts, I would fully endorse an ex-wife YMIW. My advice for Matt would be to call your former best friend – It can’t get any worse than it already is. Sounds like you both may want some closure on the issue.

  • Pete: You broke up for Pete & Pete?
    Matt: Yeah, it’s a great show.
    Pete: I one time got engaged because of Salute Your Shorts.

    I rewound that part five times and laughed so hard I cried.

  • I couldn’t help but throw this in….as a fantasy sports guy the diet soderberg joke instantly made me think of the ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast where they have a producer (Jay Soderberg) that runs a fantasy league called the Diet Soderberg League.

    I instantly raced over here to see if there was possibly any overlap between the ESPN and YMIW fan bases. Does not appear to be so.

    Welp…………good talk……..

  • I have no clue why, but I was totally enamored with this episode. Pete and Matt (and to a lesser extent, Katie), thanks for this episode. It didn’t even seem like 3 hours.


  • “An agnostic is just an atheist that lacks the courage of his convictions.” This is the popular view of agnosticism; that it is ambivalent somehow, that agnostics are just “not sure” whether God exists. The etymology of the word reveals the true nature of the philosophy, however: From the Ancient Greek ἀ- (a-), meaning “without”, and γνῶσις (gnōsis), meaning “knowledge.” Basically, agnostics believe that it is NOT possible to KNOW that God exists. We don’t say there is no God; we simply say there is no way to know for sure.

  • Pete, you took me to my first laser show with the ‘thirty minutes or less’ comment. Matty hugs aren’t enough man, all my feels in your direction.

    More Katie! Everyone needs the occasional background laughter from some one you didn’t even know was paying attention.

    Btw Petey pistols you’re number one in our hearts but ole classy pants hard wick pays the bills, so go ahead; play outside, frollick, play stickball, drink from the hose because every fun dad needs some time to himself.

  • Mira-booey! What a great episode. It was good to hear Matt talk and have free reign. This episode was cathartic and I could relate in some ways. I also laughed my ass off at the breaking up for Pete& Pete. (who wouldn’t) And getting engaged for Salute your Shorts. Great episode. Now get Jonah Ray on here!

  • Pete, thank you for this very special episode of YMIW. I’m not joking. I could go on forever and a day about being a sad dad (without kids), in relationships with both the daughter girlfriends and the mommy girlfriends. When I finally broke off the last one after almost nine years it was amazing. I could finally watch G4 again (just before it started to die). I never knew this happened to others (the opressive relationships not the death of a channel). Thank you, Mr. Myro, you are now my favorite Nerdist over the bowler and the shirt maker. Thank you for sharing your nightmare with another brother.

  • Yes, Myro, you did start a charrity. The poor thing had no friends — for a reason! (Been there, done that. Share in the bitterness!)

    Here’s one for the shirt genius: “There’s a shirt for that?”