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WTFridays: Beastie Boys Meet the Muppets, Board Gaming Tables, and a Salmon Cannon!

Who’s that handsome man in front of the camera today? Why, none other than Youtube Nation‘s Jacob Soboroff!

Jacob’s standing in on today’s Nerdist News while Jessica Chobot takes over his show, wife-swap style! And boy, has he got a show for you. Get ready for a Beastie Boys/Muppets mash-up for the ages, a look at some insanely cool (and insanely expensive) board game tables, and a cannon designed for launching live salmon. Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Plus, you know we’ve got your Best Worst Comment of the Week! Wouldn’t be a WTFriday without it.

Enjoy today’s show, have a swell weekend, and let us know in the comments below what you’d install in your epic gaming table!


  1. Nancy Hoang says:

    I love Jacob! More “wife swaps” please. 

  2. Audio says:

    Yo… J.J. Abrams, simmer down!