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Would You Survive the GAME OF THRONES? Probably Not, But Here’s a Flowchart

Would You Survive the GAME OF THRONES? Probably Not, But Here’s a Flowchart

In the Game of Thrones it’s often said that you either win or you die, but of course we’ve all wondered aloud or otherwise: would we be the exception to the rule? Would we, in all our infinite knowledge and knowhow, our cunning wit and deft brilliance, ultimately be the one to end up on the Iron Throne? Thankfully, you have to wonder no more — as this Dorkly flowchart has done all the investigative work with you.

(Click the image below twice to make it all big and stuff.)

Now maaaaaaybe we are overstating our own intelligence but, we feel as though there should another option here: one where the intelligent and cunning among us are able to, say, make it out of King’s Landing and/or Westeros in general (and maybe head to like, Braavos or something?) and survive. I meeeeeaaaan, hypothetically speaking, there are ways to simply remove oneself from the game and still continue to, you know, not die. Besides — have White Walkers ever been seen in Essos or Sothoryos? Does winter come to those nations as well?

We’re not saying that we’re at the top of the heap but we ARE saying that there are ways to be creative, is all. Ways to try and stay alive? Maybe? …Right?

Alright fine so probably we’re all destined to be dead, whatever. But if you don’t hold onto that hope of survival there’s not really a point to living now, is there?

Would you survive Westeros? Tell us what you think in the comments.


  1. Aegon Targaryen says:

    We survive somewhere way more hardcore than Westeros man!
    Ok, maybe right now we don’t reaaaaaaly live in a very hardcore fashion, with sewage systems, electricity, media, democracy, schools and hospitals and all the perks of the 21st century, but still, most of the guys in westeros wouldn’t last a day in Baltimore, São Paulo, Lagos, Kabul, Pyongyang or Beijing.

  2. revone says: