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Worlds Will Collide in STAR TREK/PLANET OF THE APES Crossover

Worlds Will Collide in STAR TREK/PLANET OF THE APES Crossover

File this under “why did no one think of this before?”: a Star Trek/Planet of the Apes comic is on the way later this year, giving us the oddest and yet perfect pairing to get announced at Comic-Con. BOOM Studios, who holds the Apes license and IDW, which is in the business of Star Trek funny books are teaming up for the crossover.

Longtime IDW writer and editor and Star Trek aficionado Scott Tipton is teaming up with his brother Dave (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2) for the story, which sees the Klingons secretly throwing their weight behind a renegade Gorilla general in order to gain control of Ape City. Of course, the Federation can’t have that, forcing Captain Kirk into an alliance with Dr. Zaius and the orangutans. Taylor and Nova will show up, too forcing us all to imagine Shatner and Heston out acting each other in every scene.

There is, by the way, nothing about that which doesn’t sound next-level bonkers/excellent.

British artist Rachael Stott will be providing interiors and covers for Star Trek/Planet of the Apes, which doesn’t yet have a release date (or weirdly, an announced length – is this a one-shot or a mini?).

In the meantime, there’s still the Planet of the Apes ongoing over at BOOM if you haven’t had your fill of ape-on-human-on-ape violence. That series takes place in the aftermath of the 1968 film, with plots by Daryl Gregory and art from Carlos Magno. IDW, meanwhile, just keeps cranking out stories about the original crew in minis and OGNs. I’ve always wondered which – if any – are conical.



  1. Peter Guerin says:

    Damn it, damn this idea to HELLLLLLLL!  CAEEEEESAAAAAR!  😛

  2. BeeDubs says:

    You wonder which stories are “conical?” They all could be, I guess, if you twist the comic into a cone-shape. Ha! I’m funny! I’m a real funny guy!!!

  3. alpha says:

    i want to have a closer look before i decide to read it

    it could be awesome or crap

    • John says:

      Because actually reading it will take all of, what, ten minutes? Too busy for that, but not to busy post this inanely haughty comment?

  4. I will read this