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WONDER WOMAN Stands Strong as Kotobukiya’s Reveals Their Latest

WONDER WOMAN Stands Strong as Kotobukiya’s Reveals Their Latest

I am a sucker for kickass chicks, and there’s no better icon than DC Comics’ Wonder Woman. Thanks to Kotobukiya, creators of the femme Jason Voorhees statue, we can decorate our shelves with an incredible rendering of Diana herself.

The Wonder Woman ARTFX statue stands strong at nearly 12 inches tall with a look that means business. The Amazon Princess is gripping tightly onto her cape which not only adds dimension to the figurine, but also movement. Plus, it just looks really awesome.

While we don’t get her sword and shield, she is fitted with her lasso of truth. The take on Wonder Woman’s traditional costume, mainly the skirt, may not be for everyone, but I actually dig it as it further adds to the movement of the statue. It’s as if the artist captured the moment before she leaps into her invisible jet (which I’m convinced is included in the package, only you won’t be able to see it).

Take a closer look at the Amazonian below:

The final product will include a logo themed base, which currently isn’t shown in any of the images above.

Kotobukiya’s Woman Wonder ARTFX statue is set to release in December 2014 and you can pre-order it now for $119.99.


  1. Isn’t that her Invisible Jet behind her?