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WIRED: Science Vessel For Sale!

Late last year I interviewed rogue geneticist Craig Venter for WIRED Science aboard his awesome research sloop Sorcerer II (Sorcerer I was devoured after failing a saving throw against an Owlbear). The next day I found out that the boat was actually available for purchase so I wrote a thing in the mag about it. That’s some tasty exposition! Here’s the piece:



  1. Tara says:

    lol @ kracken-proof

    In regards to the iphone: My friend Lisa has one. We went out to dinner the night after your segment about the new phone ran and I recapped it for her (well, I told her there was a new one coming out)and she was really excited until I told her there was no cut and paste. Then she vented about that for a good three minutes. I’ve to talk her into watching AOTS but she’s not interested; I’ve decided to try something new: get her husband hooked.