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Win 3 Her Universe Romantic Sci-Fi Tees from Nerdist News

heruniversevalentines2013POSTThis one’s for the ladies. Imagine that being spoken in Barry White’s voice, and if you’re thinking, “who’s Barry White?,” you really should go sample some of his classics. Besides, he was on The Simpsons. Remember “Whacking Day”? Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah… (assumes deep bass voice) This one’s for the ladies. Or guys who want to give their special ladies a special gift. Or ladies who want to give their special ladies a special gift. Wait, can I go back to my regular voice now? Good. (Cough) So, Thursday is Valentine’s Day, and in honor of that, Nerdist News is giving away a set of three very special t-shirts from Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe that proclaim both romance AND nerdism, all at the same time.

The three shirts represent fandom for three of the most revered classics in the Nerdist world, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. The shirts are black with a white block quote that compares her to you using references to each show. “You are the sonic to my screwdriver.” ‘You are the Midi-Chlorians to my Force.” “You are the Energize to my Make It So.” That kind of thing. Yeah, they’re unique, and they’re available now at Her Universe. But, as I said, you can win a set of all three shirts, too.

Here’s how. Click here to enter the contest; just enter your name and email (which will sign you up for the Nerdist News newsletter, but you want that if you aren’t already getting it) and there you go. You can also use the links there to go to Nerdist News at Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more entry chances, and the official rules are there, too. You can enter until next Monday, February 18th. Do that and make someone know that she’s your first, your last, your everything. What? Oh, you’d get that reference if you remembered Barry White in the first place.

Take us out, Barry: