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Win PACIFIC RIM on Blu-ray and Enjoy This Exclusive Clip

The above clip is an exclusive artist’s storyboard rendering of the majestic and mighty Shatterdome sequence from Pacific Rim, in which a trio of humanity’s most powerful Jaegers are flown via helicopter into Hong Kong Bay to fight what they think will be just another Kaiju. Oh, my heavens, are they wrong.

This clip is just one of the many things you’ll find on the extensive special features list for the Pacific Rim Blu-ray, which hits stores both real and virtual today. Guillermo del Toro’s epic world-building extravaganza pits a small but dedicated band of pilots and scientists against a seemingly endless cadre of titanic beasties coming from a crack in the Earth’s crust. Why are they here? Where do they come from? It’s taken a while to figure out. Luckily for humanity, Jaegers exist. Who wouldn’t think to create huge robots to battle otherworldly behemoths? And you get plenty of city-smashing and monster-blasting as only the master of cinema fantasy can give us.

Pacific Rim Blu-rayIf you think you’re brave enough to pilot your own Jaeger (we’re assuming you’re calling your recliner in front of your flatscreen a “Jaeger”), then you’ll definitely want to enter our contest for a chance to win a copy of Pacific Rim on Blu-ray. It’s got hours of behind-the-scenes and making-of content on every aspect of the film from its inception, designing, scripting, shooting, editing, scoring, and whatever else you can think of, all supervised by Guillermo del Toro himself. You’ll even get access to his own personal notebook, in interactive digital format, to give you a glimpse into the mad genius’ brain.

To enter to be one of five (5) winners, simply enter your email address and comment below with what your Pac Rim Timeline would be. What would you have done when the Kaiju were spotted? Let us know and you’ll be entered to win! Be sure, of course, that you’ve provided a valid email address for your comment or you’re sadly out of luck. Once you’re entered, you can share this fact by liking our Facebook, following us on Twitter, and encircling us on Google+ pages, share and comment, in order to receive extra chances. Four names are better than one; it’s like having two Jaegers on your side.

You’ve only got until Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013, to enter, or your contest timeline will certainly end with “Missed out on chance to win.”