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Win Kotobukiya’s C-3PO and R2-D2 ARTFX Statues From TOKYOPOP and GeekChicDaily

I was over with the folks at our sister sites and TOKYOPOP last week, and they told me that this week over there will be Star Wars 3D Week, because, well, you know, Star Wars in 3D. And as part of the festivities, they have something for you to win.

They’ve managed to get their hands on a pair of ARTFX statues from ace figure maker Kotobukiya, figures of C-3P0 and R2-D2 in all their glory, replete with articulated limbs (yes, they’re poseable!) and everything. I think these are the ones they showed off at Comic-Con and they’re pretty gotta-have-them.

And you can win them. Here’s how: Click here. Enter your name and email (which, if you’re not yet signed up for the newsletter, will set that up for you). Click Go. That’s it. They have the official rules and other information on that page as well. The GCD Facebook and Twitter pages will offer more chances to win, too. You have until February 20th at midnight to enter, and you’ll want to do so. So do it. And for all your Star Wars 3D needs this week, make sure you’re signed up for GeekChicDaily newsletters.


  1. Anyone says:

    I may go see The Originals just to see them on a big screen when they show them.

  2. Nixon C. Vicci says:

    STAR WARS is going to be my first 3-D movie, WOOOOOO!