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Win A Running Spot In Course of the Force from Otter Pops

1. Do you want to win a running slot in Course of the Force, the awesome lightsaber relay coming up July 7-11 and benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation? If the answer is YES, read on. If not, do whatever you want.

2. Are you 18 or older? If YES, read on. If not, take heart that, someday, you will be granted the right to vote.

3. Do you live within 100 miles of Huntington Beach, California? If YES, read on. If not, move here.

4. Do you love Otter Pops? If YES, read on. There is no “if not.” Everybody loves Otter Pops. (I like the grape ones. There are some in my freezer right now. I will now go get one. I’ll be right back… Mmm. Okay, I’m back.)

So, here’s the deal: The folks at Otter Pops (the Jel Sert Company, which I know from reading the fine print on the pops because I have nothing better to do) are supporting Course of the Force, and they’re doing a Facebook promotion to get the word out. And as part of that, those of you who live within 100 miles of Huntington Beach can win one of four running spots in the relay (in the stretch between Redondo Beach and Huntington Beach — hey, that’s my area! Wave hello as you run by!) by entering at the Course of the Force Facebook page now through Sunday (July 1st). Get to that page by clicking here, why don’t you.

Really, I’m personally delighted that Otter Pops are part of Course of the Force, because I eat those things all the time, and I’m not kidding. They rule. And it’s great that they’re sponsoring this contest, so if you qualify, get on over to that page and enter.