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Win a Gift From Some Friends From Outta Town

If you read the Barry Sonnenfeld interview we posted earlier today (and if not, you should go back and do that), and you went all the way to the end, you’d have seen that the folks over at Nerdist News have a little giveaway going on, and it’s something you want. Unless, that is, someone used it on you and your memory of it has been completely erased.

Yes, it’s a replica of the Neuralyzer, the memory eraser as it appeared in Men in Black II, and while it doesn’t actually erase anything, it’s a limited-edition — only 1,500 made — that would be great to wield any time you want to imagine being able to make sure that people didn’t see you do whatever it is you just did. It’s from Factory Entertainment and if you want to buy one, you can — the pre-order price is $399 — but you can try and win one, too. Five runners-up will win a Frank the Pug “Shakem” bobblehead, which would be cool, too.

How? The usual: Just click here, fill out your name and email (which will sign you up for the Nerdist News free email newsletter if you’re not already getting it), hit “Go,” and you’re in the running. And there will be bonus entry opportunities at the Nerdist News Facebook, Twitter, and Google + pages. The contest ends June 1st, and the rules are in a link on that page. Don’t forget to enter… wait, enter what?

Uh oh.