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Win a Chance to Drive a Tank from WORLD OF TANKS

Helicopters? Meh. Battleships? Yawn. Tanks? Aw, hell yeah. No matter what you tell yourself, everyone, at one point or another, has wanted to drive a tank. It just looks so damn fun. Did you see The Interview? Look how much fun James Franco is having. He isn’t acting right there. That is pure, unbridled joy as a result of riding around in a freakin’ tank. A TANK.


That’s just part of the appeal of World of Tanks, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online action game from Wargaming. Now, you don’t even need a sweet gaming PC in order to play because World of Tanks Blitz is now available for Android. In celebration of the game’s release, Wargaming and Intel teamed up and sent our own gaming guru Malik Forte an Acer Iconia tablet to take it for a test drive. But that’s not the only thing you’ll be able to test drive; Wargaming and Intel want to give you the chance to drive a tank in real life in their “Drive a Tank” Sweepstakes.

One (1) grand prize winner will win a “Drive a Real Tank” vacation where they get to drive a Sherman E8 tank in Kasota, Minnesota. Not only will you get to fire high calibrer machine guns, but you’ll get to crush two cars in your 30-ton war machine. Plus, you can bring a friend, to boot!

Six (6) first place winners will an Acer Iconia Tablet with Intel Inside, which you can use to check out the new World of Tanks Blitz app for Android and iOS.

Last but not least, fifty (50) winners will receive special World of Tanks PC bundles with in-game gold, extra crew, tank slots, as well as 1,337 gold for World of Tanks Blitz on Android.

Simply head to in order to enter for a chance to win.

And, if you’re looking for a plus one to crush cars in a 30-ton steel behemoth, give me a call.

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  1. DeadlyDad says:

    :sigh:  It wouldn’t do me any good.  I already have a standing invitation to drive *AND* gun a restored Hellcat, but I’m 6’5″ and over 250lb, which means I can’t even *fit* in the bloddy thing.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Brother if I manage it I am SO bringing you along for this