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Will STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Focus on John Boyega’s Character?

Will STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Focus on John Boyega’s Character?

With a year and a half until Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters (on December 18, 2015 in case you’ve forgotten), we have plenty of time to learn more specifics about the announced cast. We’ll be finding out who the villains and protagonists are eventually, but in the meantime, it’s fun to guess. That’s especially true now since so many cast members have been confirmed. The folks at Latino Review says they have a few “solidified” points about Episode VII, and one of them touches on John Boyega’s role in the movie.

The site states Boyega isn’t a Jedi or Padawan at the beginning Episode VII but instead has a story arc that pulls him into the universe. It apparently “echoes” Luke’s arc in A New Hope. Huh. The latter part of that makes sense to me. Star Wars, so far, has been the story of Anakin Skywalker. The character took the lead in the prequels, and his redemption wrapped up the original trilogy. We followed Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy to get to that resolution.

We stuck with both Anakin and Luke as they went on different journeys. They both left home to become Jedi, and we experienced the vast Star Wars universe through their eyes. Given that, it would make sense for Episode VII to keep that basic structure and focus on a single character’s journey in the time after the Empire. I think fans would appreciate that parallel, and it adds a touch of consistency to the sequel trilogy.

Is Boyega the lead? We have no way of knowing yet, but the talented actor from Attack the Block is more than capable of handling the part. Maybe Luke Skywalker will be his Obi-Wan Kenobi and set him on a path where he teams up with Daisy Ridley’s and Domhnall Gleeson’s characters. I think they have to be careful not to mirror A New Hope too much, but I could see ties like that happening.

Regardless of his role in Episode VII, it’s clear from social media that Boyega is having a blast working on the film. Follow him on Instagram a glimpse of non-spoilery behind the scenes life from riding a camel to work to sitting at the makeup table.

Latino Review also mentions there will be a female villain, and they’re over fifty percent sure she will be a Sith. While I’d like to see a different type of baddie, I think Gwendoline Christie would be amazing as a fierce Imperial officer or a Sith.

What kind of character do you think Boyega will play in Episode VII, and do you think we’ll see a female Sith? Head to the comments and let us know.

HT: Cinema Blend