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Who You Gonna Call? Michael Rooker!

GhostbustersNot content to merely have been Merle Dixon, the one-handed Governor-enforcer on AMC’s The Walking Dead, nor to have been a bounty hunter in one of our Course of the Force videos, it seems actor Michael Rooker wants to bust some ghosts. At a recent convention, Rooker, decked out in his finest ecto-fighting duds, complete with proton pack, took to the floor to find who he was looking for… and that person turned out to be one of the Real Ghostbusters: Ernie Hudson, who clearly was not prepared for the Rookering he received. Not sure what’s better: that he dressed up like that in search of Winston Zeddemore, or the reaction everybody on the con floor had to seeing Merle (or “Merrill,” as one woman exclaims) dressed as a Ghostbuster.

Now, this would be a sequel we’d love to watch.


  1. Steve says:

    That was at Dragon Con in Atlanta. Ernie Hudson’s panel was great!

  2. Ed says:

    I’m sorry, but who the hell is editing these things? Did anyone else notice that the writer used “dawn” instead of “don” when describing what Michael Rooker did?

  3. David Turner says:

    So fun! Its a shame how it got cut off at the end there, but clearly he was having a fun that at the convention.

  4. Great video, Rooker and Ernie rule!!