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Who Will Marvel Reveal as the New Captain America?

Who Will Marvel Reveal as the New Captain America?

If you want to avoid possible spoilers for Captain America #21, then you might want to stop reading this post. And stay away from Twitter, because I’m sure it’s bound to generate some conversation.

Over the weekend, Marvel was teasing the image above with “Who will be Marvel comics’ NEW #CaptainAmerica? Learn more this Monday on! #4thOfJuly,” and we have to wonder who will be taking up the shield now that Steve is down.

“What happened to Steve Rogers,” some of you might be asking? Cap is dead. Long live the new Cap. Under current writer Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Uncanny X-Force), Cap gets the Super Soldier serum which has kept him alive all of these decades drained out of him in a fight with bad guy the Iron Nail who’s also spent the last few months ruining Cap’s reputation with the world. With the effects of the serum reversed, Rogers began to deteriorate rapidly, trapping him in the body of an old man. With both the Red Skull and Arnim Zola out there causing trouble again, who will be the new Cap?

Marvel is promising an answer today, but the clues might be in a recent interview with the book’s writer, Rick Remender.

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, Remender confirmed that Rogers would no longer be in the field as Captain America, leaving the gig open to another character. The book’s next arc, “The Tomorrow Soldier,” will start introducing long-term plots and plans by Skull and Zola while also heavily featuring Jet Black and Falcon – although Remender warns that who you think might be the new Captain could all be clever misdirection:

“Readers will find out the answer to that question in issue #25. We’re throwing some misdirects out there so people think they know who it is, but by the time you get to issue #23 you’ll have a good guess of who the top three contenders are for this spot. The way we actually end up solving the problem, though, I hope is unexpected and is something that keeps people excited. For me it breathes new life into the book and is an entirely different angle that I’m incredibly excited to be writing. So hopefully people will enjoy it.”

My guess: we’re going to see multiple Captains America with Jet Black and Falcon sharing the role (somehow). Co-Captains, if you will. Jet, the daughter of Arnim Zola, has the powers and combat skills to fill the role, while Sam/Falcon has years of tactical skills and leadership. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel/Remender tapped both characters for the gig.

I suppose we’ll find out as some of the hints becomes clearer in August’s Captain America #23.

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