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Who Needs Meth When You Have Bath Salts?

Last week I wrote a post on vodka eyeballing, a really stupid way to get drunk. I figured that would be my only entry on “alternative” methods of getting high. But then I read about the bath salts and I just couldn’t ignore it.

Some really desperate people have resorted to riding the “Ivory Wave” which is snorting, smoking, or injecting bath salts. This means you can take those lavender-scented crystals your girlfriend uses when she’s PMS-ing and get a meth-like high. WTF??

Look, people, stop treating your local Bath & Body Works like a crack-house. If you want to do drugs, then do some drugs! Shooting vodka into your eye or snorting “eucalyptus breeze” is not only pathetic, but a total cop-out. Yeah, you’ll never get arrested tripping off of bath salts, but isn’t the danger element part of the whole allure of getting high to begin with?

All I’m saying is I know the economy sucks, but can you just go back to snorting coke?

Thank you.

UPDATE: Hey nerdists,

Some of you are expressing concern that I am misrepresenting how people get high on bath salts. I never thought I’d ever be at the
center of a debate about something like this (I hope you’re proud, mom & dad!), but here I am. First of all, I am NOT a chemist. I interpreted the Washington Post article as the two chemicals mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone were derived from your mama’s generic bath salts. It was presented this way in other articles when I did more research.

Sorry for the confusion. At the end of the day, I aim to entertain here and not encourage ANYONE to snort name brand bath salts nor back alley bath salts. xo, anjeanette

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  1. Don'tneedtonomyname says:

    I just wrote a couple pages on how everyone here is bad mouthing the bath-salts. Let’s get this clear people have died off of 1 line of cocaine and thousands have become addicted to cocaine. I personally say from my experiences with all the stuff I’ve done in my 15 years of testing different types of illegal drugs until they came out with the legal stuff. Yea not the greatest choices I have ever done but then again most of everyone posting on this page is most likely overweight or eating fast foods. I’m just going to let all of you know it is all in the person taking the stuff, because not everyone is the same way. The only symptoms I’ve experienced with these so called highly deadly & addictive bath-salts is the urge to start a company doing what I love to do, I’ve also been thinking of going back to school to get my GED. No I didn’t get my highschool diploma but I was kicked out of highschool by my stepmom who thought I failed all my classes because she found out I was smoking pot and she didnt even give me the chance to show her my final report card with a 3.9 GPA with 26 credits in the 11th grade. I got of track and don’t feel like deleting that and the other experiences I’ve had with bath-salts is greater sex with my spouse because the energy it gives me, I’ve gotten cotton mouth but so does everyone who smokes pot. The 3rd symptom I’ve had was staying up for 3 days at a time the first time I did it I didn’t know how I would react on the stuff so I did more then I should’ve and that was first and last time I took that much in 1 night, but I also had a recent tragedy that happened to a great friend of mine who was put in icu because of a motorcycle accident. No this bath-salt did not want my spouse and I do suicidal things or even think about it. The only thing we did was stay awake and think of people we know that would be able to help set up fundraisers and think of ways for us to make money to help donate to him so he and his wife could afford the surgery. So like I said it’s all within the person themselves that will have horrible or great experiences as long as you have self-control over what you do and how much you do. So saying all of this I’m done with all of this online reading stuff I’d rather just ask my brother who’s older and reads all the books about the drugs themselves instead of reading online stories or watching tv to get their information on new drugs. So dueces to all of y’all poor saps who would rather read stories online about bath-salts and other drugs. Instead govto your local library and read a book about what you seek. Or be a lazy fatass and continue to watch tv or read online.

  2. zach says:

    DO NOT DO IT , veeerrryyyyyyy adictive my third week and like no sleep with i would of never did it i ened up in a stand off with the cops and fire department i was guunna jump off a moutian and then ended up in the hospital but no arrest and the comedown is AWFULLLLLLLLLLL this is a REAL drug it should be BANNED in EVERYWAY i might end up in rehab for it long story short

  3. car says:

    are you freaking retarded it not the same thing u put in the bath it a chemical simliar to meth it not bath salts its just a little name they call them what a retard i cant belive u wrote a article on something and u didnt know the facts ….ITS NOT FOR THE BATH ITS A DIFFERENT THING DUMBY

  4. Tweak tweak says:

    I’ve read all your stories and I can see where most are coming from, experience. The reason that most people use products like these and spice are because they get drugtest. I bought some earlier and I am very disappointed. I’ve been Twacked the fuck out on meth for a hot minute now n this is garbage. As far as the come downs it can’t be that bad because if you’ve used real drugs that this bath salt is said to take place of then you can handle staying up for days looking like you got run over by a bus. As far as these peeps that say that it’s bad and should b outlawed, but are the “normal people” in society, get the fuck off the gas. You can’t have shit legal then make it illegal and expect it to disappear, it only makes the issue worse. People like you are why the government is fucked and retarded like it is today. If it’s so bad then go pull it off the shelves your damnself. Didn’t work? O cuz your opinion still doesn’t matter. Fucking retards!

  5. victoria says:

    The last part wasz suppose ta say the comedown sucks so yu keep doinq it impulsivley till itsz gone cusz yu wanna feel better; but yu know what to expect in a couple daysz which fuckin sucksz* haha kinda didn’t make sence the first time buut I’m hiqh on this shit soo now yu see it makes yu stupid as fk too haha oooh and for some reason I’m continuisly burping and it turns into gags another thinq to look forward to on the comedown haha DON’T DO THIS SHIT

    P.s. I’m actually a really good speller when I’m sober haha fuck balt saltsz!!!

  6. victoria says:

    Soo the first time I did this shit I had done 500mg of it in a niqht; was up for like 3 daysz and didn’t come completely down for over a week; it was cool at first but then I turned into some crazy tweaker bitch; nearly knawed my bottom lip off met up wit random guysz i’d never met and had “relations” with them;which isz WAY out of the ordanary for me; and is disgustinq; I talked so fast for two days straight I couldnt talk and I ended up qettin strep throat;after I had felt “sober” I was talkinq to myself hallusinatinq just not good shit ya knoo? so I’m like fuck this I’m never doinq it again..but thatsz what we all say haha I did it my 3rd time last niqht; atleast 10 linesz and now I’m sitting her wishing I was dead; the come down is not worth the high; and cusz the comedowns soo bad yu want ta do more but yu know what to expect in a couple daysz so yu just keep doinq it like impusivly until itsz qone; itsz jusz real fucked up like the rest of them; I wouldn’t advise people ta do thisz shit at all!

  7. CPT. InsoMniA85 says:

    Holy shit this bath salt is crazy!!! This dude I know had some and was tatooing a girl at a party and was so jacked on it that that he was talking to a dog (who wasn’t there) and started to turn this girls back into a permanent kindergarten finger painting. I did some with him before he started but I just talked a lot and smoked like 20 cigarettes in 3 hours and was HYPER!! I am still hyper and stuff too and when I read these post I told myself wtf I should have done less. This is day 2 from doing a vile I bought at a head shop in Dover. And what’s with.all these colorful ones people are doing. This place only had this whitish shit. Damn my mouth is dry and my nose is still running. On a good note it seems to curve any craving I had for alcohol so I didn’t go to the bar and blow a shit ton of money, just 30 bucks for a gram!!

  8. CPT. InsoMniA85 says:

    Holy shit this bath salt is crazy!!! This dude I know had some and was tatooing a girl at a party and was so jacked on it that that he was talking to a dog (who wasn’t there) and started to turn this girls back into a permanent kindergarten finger painting. I did some with him before he started but I just talked a lot and smoked like 20 cigarettes in 3 hours and was HYPER!! I am still hyper and stuff too and when I read these post I told myself wtf I should have done less. This is day 2 from doing a vile I bought at a head shop in Dover. And what’s with.all these colorful ones people are doing. This place only had this whitish shit. Damn my mouth is dry and my nose is still running.

  9. grizzlerkid says:

    oh and i didnt mean the comedown starts right away. nope you gotta wait for that shit for aolmost a day before your three-five day comedown begins

  10. grizzlerkid says:

    O.K guys listen up. This stuff is not worth it. Iv done almost every type of drug from hallucinogens like L.S.D to peyote, and several different types of coke and other stimulants. The only thing bath salts have in common with these popular drugs are all the bad shit you can think of, but none of the good. You feel great for the time that you continue to put the poison in your body, but the second you stop it all comes crashing down. Shaky limbs, dialated eyes, constant paronia, the unablity to control your speech and anounciate, the loss of sleep and most of all it makes your blood vessals shrink. Guys guess what this means? no shakin it at night for you, no matter what you try to do you cannot get it up. {i didnt try E.D medicene but honestly, you don’t need your heart working any harder then it already is} It hurts to pee but your always thirsty for three days straight. You have bad flashes where your eyes dialate randomly which can be inconvenint if you do anything outside of your home. It’s easy to become addicted to because the comedown takes so long to hit you they just keep ingesting more AND MORE setting the comedown farther back and back. The comedown is an equivelent to coke withdrawls, yet atleast with coke you can plan when it will be over. Honestly i tried bathsalts with a buddy of mine to just see what all the verb was about. I then went to work the next day with completely black eyes, full dialation, and the shakes and paronia. and oh yeah, i sweated my ass off. This drug is a drug and should be made illegal in all shapes and forms. seriously just go find a hippie who can give you some legit lucy or a indean who can give you the peyote cactus to tryout. Atleast with these you will be able to sleep 3 days later, instead of worrying weather or not you will ever be the same or losing your job because you cant hide the fact that your tweaking. {oh yes, you dont trip, you tweakout like nothing else}
    and dont go to bed bath and beyond and sniff the freaking bath salts with names like lavender flower and stuff like that. go to your local headshop if you want some and are willing to experience the symptoms i listed above.

  11. that guy says:

    I have adhd and I tried this and it had almost same effects as adhd medication. And btw. This poster is a dumbfuck. Research a little of what you post. Ingredients were not listed so it took me forever to find the key drug meph. Reading the reviews of meph though it seems quite dangerous.

  12. doug says:

    Anyone know where they sell these salts. Interested in performaing a little market research. Email me [email protected]

  13. Bath salts are better then any pills I prescribe for adhd or depression! Zoloft, Ritalin (routinely abused by teenagers with far more dangerous consiquences.) maybe the medical community should take notice to the “hardcore drugs” ( like adderall is just meth syns to directly attach to (so everyone understands) the feel good recepter ! Far more dangerous (and addictive) than meth coke etc…legal stimulants given to Children with a powerfull affinity to dopamine receptor. Let em us bath salts ( little bit at a time or key bump) will help do us without all the problems with meth use down the road. I have to many adderall patients that turn to meth/coke chasing adderall high. If you take 500 mg of anything u will be sick

  14. marie says:

    I’ve used Meth regularly for years, I tried bath salt and the only thing I noticed was the smell,all I could do was eat chocolate to try to get that smell in my nose to go away..long story short is now I can’t even take a bath with bath salts because it make me wanna puke.

  15. Myself says:

    To echo what the former meth user posted, I am also a former meth user (haven’t used in awhile but unfortunately still psychologically very much an addict), and had been clean for four months or so when I first heard of this product. I have to say that while the initial rush is decent contingent upon the brand, it doesn’t hold a candle to real methamphetamine, and it certainly isn’t comparable to LSD as some media outlets have reported. They need to get their facts straight. MDPV makes no one hallucinate, 3-5 days without sleep does.

    If people would learn to sit tight and ride out the comedown instead of going to the hospital like a dumbass…they’re depressed due to serotnin/dopamine depletion and need to fucking educate themselves and learn coping skills. Maybe they wouldn’t have ruined it for the rest of us.

  16. Hahaha says:

    Hopefully you read your comments and know how dumb you are

  17. Your fuckin stooooopid doooood says:

    You have no idea what your talking about. Way different from all other bath salts. Hence though, why we call it that, so dumbass straight fux like u think it really is a bath salt, thanks for being as stupid as you are and proving our naming theories correct

  18. Stephanie says:

    Ignorance at its best, why write an article on something you know nothing about. What gives you right, to think you know anything. What a dumb b**ch. Reddit user have at it!!!!

  19. waverider says:

    Dude there isn’t anything you can do to sleep. Trust me, you’ll sleep a helluva lot when you crash! Which, will be harder the longer you stay up on it.

  20. Vegas man says:

    im on my second day of no sleep. hard to get deep breathes and hands and feet are sweating alot. did 2 small bumps yesterday at 1 pm and its 2:16 pm the next day with the same feeling . when does it go away and what can i do to sleep. been smoking hayze 420 spice and drinking oj but the juice only helped for the upset stomach. had a gassy stomach all trying to burp which led to gagging. ive done alot of different drugs and this is somewhat similar to an x mixed with alky come down. never trying this again. i just wanna eat and sleep. help?

  21. itriedit says:

    Several years back, in my early thirties, I first tried coke. Yes, I waited until I was in full adulthood before I decided to experiment. Anyhoo, I liked it. A LOT! Over the next year or so, I went from “tooting” off the corner of a business card to using a “bullet”. (Some of your present or former users know what those are.) Once my tolerance increased, it took more to get high. What some call “chasing the dragon”, I guess. Ultimately, I was snorting lines the size of my middle finger(length and girth). My party buddies and I called them “Red Lines”. Considering the fact that I have an addictive personality by nature; it’s safe to say that I became a female Tony Montana.(Scarface,remember?) Good thing I never had acccess to that much at one time or I probably wouldn’t be alive to be typing this right now! But that ended in ’07. Once all this fuss was being made about “salt”, and after getting some feedback from a friend who had tried it; I decided to see for myself. Keep in mind, I’ve not had anything “foreign” up my nose since ’07. After getting past the fact that I paid $20 for SO very little, I called up my friend to tell her I’d procured the mysterious substance and was on my way home to see what all the hub-bub was about. I live about four miles from the GAS STATION where I bought it. Before I could get home, she had called me a ridiculous number of times! Anyhoo, just as I was about to “do the deed”, I mean I was JUST about to bend over the mirror, she called! She really couldn’t wait! Finally, I just put her on speaker and let her listen. Yes, I actually let someone LISTEN to me snorting coke-substitute. LMAO! A couple seconds after the first snort; OMG, I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t the real thing. The effect was so near the first time I ever tried coke, all I could do was look at it, and all I could say was,”I’ll call you back in a minute.” Of course she didn’t wait for said call. She continued to call incessantly until I answered again. That wasn’t for about 10mins. It took that long for my head to stop throbbing. I honestly couldn’t believe I had just legally bought this at a convenient store, just like I would buy a bag of chips and a drink. Crazy! She wanted to know whether or not I liked it and how it made me feel. There were no words other than “Wow” and D**n”. This very anxious friend of mine desperately wanted to come over and partake with me. But, I politely declined, saying that my boyfriend would be home soon and I needed to get dinner going. That WAS true. However, it is also true that from past experience, I know that her half is always on the bottom. Smile. I promised to call later. I wasn’t able to move for a while, but once I did, I couldn’t be still. I had sooooo much energy it was unbelievable! Once my boyfriend arrived; one look at me told him something was off. I greeted him in the usual manner. He asked why I looked like a deer in headlights and why was I talking so fast. I told him what I had done.(We have no secrets.) After pouring me a shot of Vodka to take the edge off; he too wanted to know what it felt like. Having never done any drugs in his life, other than a few drinks on the weekend; he was clueless and I wasn’t talking to fast to clearly explain. He was concerned that my blood pressure may be elevated because he said my face and neck were incredibly red. I consented, and let him check my BP and pulse rate. THROUGH THE ROOF! He wasn’t concerned about anything other than that because he figured that if it can be sold at the local convenient store, it must be legal. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. I’m just fine, but I still can’t believe this stuff is legal! It is effective in that it definately gives you much the same sensation of real coke. Why would anyone risk sneaking to buy the “real thing” ,that has been cut with who knows what, and being scared of getting caught with it, when you can just pick up some “salt” and gas up your car at the same place?!? This is way to easy. Bottom line is this: I liked it! And yes, I would do it again; the next time I go for gas.Smile

  22. benduover2ngt says:

    leave people alone

  23. mb says:

    wow yeahh its pretty obvious this was written by someone who clearly did little research on the subject of the article. “invigorating bath salts” or “condensed/potent bath salts” are what people have been snorting, smoking or shooting up. they are not typical bath salts sold from bath and body works or other places like that…. you really shouldnt underestimate these salts dude… they allegedly (im almost positive though) contain mephedrone or mdpv. also they contain various water softeners, traces of amino acids and minerals. how it affects you really varies on the person you are and who you’re with/location, but with most people are similar. the effects i personally got when injecting/snorting white rush invigorating bath salt daily were: within seconds a crazy rush (injecting), a crazy energy rush after about 10-15 min (snorting), very talkative at first, expressing thoughts and feelings, energetic, extreeeme paranoia, thinking i was hearing people talk about me, inability to focus my eyes and keep a relaxed expression on face, shaky hands, couldnt sleep. tossing and turning while trying to rest and talking to myself or letting out random rambling confusing thoughts,sometimes had a hard time getting deep breaths, sometimes getting chest pains/tightness, did not sleep for more than a week. the come down is horrible and involved: blank thoughts, sometimes a lot of thoughts but become unable to word them or even speak in general, sadness, loneliness, expressions of face and body seeming almost emotionless, and the crave for more is so intense. stated this to let everyone know a little about this drug and what its effects and ingredients are from a personal point of view… since some ignorant and uneducated wanna be reporter wrote a worthless article. also i did not post this to incourage/disagree with the use of these salts.

  24. Heather says:

    Anjeanette, even in your update you did nothing to dispel the rumors you promoted in the original post. No matter how many other sources perpetuate the idea that these are just “bath salts,” you look bad for following the journalistic trend instead of writing…you know… anything from a fresh perspective. Honestly, I have friends who are stupid enough that they would try snorting bath salts if they thought it would get them high. I think it’s a little repulsive that you’d decide to perpetuate that myth, despite the risk of stupid adolescents trying it, just because you think the article you wrote on it was funny.

  25. McGuck says:

    “All I’m saying is I know the economy sucks, but can you just go back to snorting coke?”

    Coke is no better these days, these guys will cut it with Lord knows what. Probably only getting about 2% cocaine, the other 98% is whatever they feel like cutting it with. So to make a statement such as this, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my wife, “You don’t know what your getting when your sniffing any powder up your nose.”

  26. Ashley says:

    A…… you should have your brother or you email me about your experience because I’m looking into it because my friends seem to think it’s harmless and I don’t want someone getting Hirt around my children as a matter of fact I just told then I don’t wnt it here or around my babies I just need to know more if anyone has more and better information message me on Facebook my email is [email protected]

  27. girl says:

    hearing about this stuff only makes one wanna fall off the wagon and do to real stuff.. Bath salts are silly

  28. elaine says:

    Aha, another reason I have always preferred showers…

  29. rockie heart says:

    ok lisson the bath salt is not the shit you get in bath and body its nothing like that its just named that ok has nothing to do with bath salt at all its a meth like substins that gives you a rush sorta like doing a shit tun of speed at wonce ok and your up for days comeing off it is like you get hit bye a buss wich is why ppl want to do more and more

  30. Bill says:

    I am a former meth addict and out of curiousity, I tried these bath salts. To people who’ve never done drugs, I can see how they could go so nuts off them. To someone who has done meth, these salts don’t come close. They’re being used by meth addicts as a substitute, they aren’t as strong and they don’t feel quite the same, but there’s zero risk. The people going nuts are most likely first time users.

  31. A says:

    My brother is in the hospital as we speak coming off what is known as “bath salts”. these man made drugs have very dangerous side effects such as rapid heart rate, agitation, hallucination, high blood preasure, extreem energy were you cant sleep for days, not sleeping, and much more. My brother has never done drugs until this “bath salt” was being sold over the internet like candy, whci he now has all of the above I have listed and much more going on. MDPV is very dangerous, cravings are intense! and this drug doesnt show up on drug test. I never do blogs, but while doing my research while my brother suffers as he tries to withdraw I came accross this and just want to spread the word! If know a friend or family member on these “bath salts” contact posion control right away and they will call a locoal hospital near you and let them know your coming. 1-800-222-1222. The sooner the better.

  32. Chris says:

    This article is so misleading it’s dangerous. The products being sold under a false front like “bath salts” are highly addictive, highly potent, and very dangerous. I used these legal drugs several times a week for just over 4 months and at times would stay up for 4 or 5 days going back and forth to the same gas station several times a night and never being turned away. Coming off of these legal drugs was very similar to severe cocaine withdrawals. I currently have a friend in the hospital because of the bath salt white magic and would love to talk to and warn anyone that will listen.

  33. Doug says:

    If these are dangerous drugs, then why are people bathing in this stuff?? Wouldn’t it soak into your pores? Seems like they would get higher and take more baths then anyone. I just wish somebody would have told me about this sooner. I could have put it to a rigorous test.

  34. Magnoliafan says:


  35. “…I’ve also seen them marketed as “plant food” …”

    There aren’t words. There just aren’t words.

    But –

    If these folks would just become addicted to food the streets would be safe and it would help the economy

    and Dr.Oz.

    But oh no.

    Folks need a hobby.


  36. Anjeanette Carter says:

    Hey nerdists, check the update.

  37. Daniel S says:

    If anyone is interested I have a tip on an unlimited supply of pure Columbia Lavender-Melon

  38. JD says:

    Today on bad puns:

    At least they’re keeping their noses clean.

  39. Jason says:

    I know you think it’s funnier to present this in the way you did, but the truth of the matter is that it is irresponsible. A little fact checking on google would show that you’ve misrepresented the whole problem. This is why paper news hates blogs. It’s full of misinformation. You’re doing a disservice to your peers here.

    You should correct yourself and be responsible for the information you disseminate.

  40. barb says:

    Wonderful. Next thing you’re going to warn us about is Poppyseed Suppositories.

  41. Nathania says:

    There’s a reason people turn to thing they can get legally to get high – it’s called the War on Drugs. It’s called avoiding a police raid on your house.

    Of course, instead of examining the failed war on drugs and letting people do relatively harmless things like get high on pot, state and fed gov’t just keeps outlawing stuff.

    We need to look at Portugal’s successful decriminalization, Switzerland’s treatment of heroine addicts, and Amsterdam’s tolerance of marijuana instead of driving people to find alternative sources of recreational drug use.

  42. Alley says:

    They’re NOT the bath salts we all think of, that one would soak one’s feet in. They’re called “bath salts” in the packaging to get through some legal loophole. Basically, some journalist did a shoddy job of writing the original article that everyone else has picked up on, so now everybody, through this misunderstanding, thinks people are snorting lemongrass-scented Epsom salts. They’re not. These are “bath salts” the same way Spice Gold is “herbal incense.”

  43. Zac says:

    The internet reaction to this stuff is driving me nuts. Just because people are selling these substances as “bath salts” and “plant food” to get around drug laws doesn’t mean people are getting high on bath salts. The substances in these products have zero in common with what you would find at Bath & Body Works. Even the picture you used is incorrect, the products being abused looking nothing at all like that. The two chemicals involved are mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone both chemical cousins to amphetamines.

    I realize you guys get a funny story out of the way these products are being sold, but frankly from the standpoint of anyone with an understanding of pharmacology or chemistry you look plain ignorant. 3 minutes on Google would have cleared up every misconception you made.

    The misinformation being spread from people talking about these substances like this is just plain dangerous. Regardless of the relative dangers of mephedrone and MDPV compared to other drugs (and they are relatively more dangerous, at least MDPV is), the plain fact is for the majority of people, using either as a drug will likely not be harmful short term. However if this stuff continues to get spread it won’t be long before some teenager trying to get high actually snorts/injects bath salts from Bed Bath & Beyond and ends up in the hospital with clogged veins or destroyed nasal passages or dead.

  44. Gary says:

    Yeah, those “bath salts” are not the same as bath salts you can buy anywhere. The only reason they call them “bath salts” is to get away with selling them, I’ve also seen them marketed as “plant food” and other such things. There are also pills you can get that are usually described as “plant food” too. I’ve tried these things and never really found them all that great.

    All that stuff is illegal in Ireland now, there was a lot media coverage about it, I think there were weeks where you would hear about these “bath salts” on the news everyday.

  45. Attilia says:

    And I thought the kids in middle school who snorted KOOL-AIDE where pathetic.

  46. Patti says:

    This was discussed on Kevin and Bean today, when our own Chris Hardwick was a guest. Everyone agreed it was a really stupid thing to do. I’ve had bath salts in my home for many years, but I tend to use them as one should…to take a soothing bath, not as some weird substitute for cocaine.

  47. BThatch says:

    So, just out of curiosity where do people buy these “bath salts” so I can warn all my friends to stay away from those evil places…and do they take debit cards??!

  48. Pete says:

    This is the best written short article on abuse of bath salts that I have ever read. I loved it. Thank you.

  49. Orikson says:

    I work in substance abuse treatment and have been dealing with several people who have used this stuff. They report it’s pretty awful, but some people get hooked on it from the word go. It’s sold as bath salts as sort of a dodge, to avoid law enforcement… or something, but it’s supposedly a chemical cousin to Cathinone, which is the active ingredient in Khat (a stimulant used mostly in Africa and the middle east). Louisiana, where I work, seems to be a hot bed of it and has banned it on the state level due to the number of poison control calls and suicides attributed to the stuff.