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Who is Domino? Breaking Down DEADPOOL 2’s Newest Addition

Who is Domino? Breaking Down DEADPOOL 2’s Newest Addition

Fans who saw Deadpool last year will recall Ryan Reynolds‘ titular Merc with a Mouth making mention that Marvel’s time-traveling mutant Cable would be a major part of the inevitable sequel. And where Cable goes, Domino isn’t far behind! Yesterday, Reynolds revealed that Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino in Deadpool 2

But who is Domino? We’re glad you asked! It’s a complicated answer, even more so than with most Marvel characters. You see, Domino made her debut in the very same issue that introduced Deadpool all the way back in 1991: New Mutants #98.

New Mutants Vol 1 98

Who is Domino?

You may notice that almost everyone has forgotten Gideon, the guy in the bathrobe. Trust us, it’s for the best! Domino was created by Fabian Nicieza and artist Rob Liefeld. But in a twist, it was revealed that the Domino we initially met wasn’t really Domino at all. She was a shape-shifting impostor named Copycat who took Domino’s place while the real Domino was captured. Strangely enough, Copycat has already appeared in the Deadpool movie in the form of Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa, but she doesn’t have powers in that version of the story.

Domino’s real name is Neena Thurman, and as her codename suggests, her mutant power involves luck. More specifically, her powers alter reality around her so that the odds almost always fall in her favor. Think of it as mutant luck. She’s also incredibly skilled as a fighter and a marksman, but those were learned skills.

X-Force 23 cover

What are her most memorable exploits?

Domino’s history with Cable goes back to their days as mercenaries in the group called the Six Pack, and she has since appeared as Cable’s best friend, his partner, and occasionally his lover. Her relationship with Deadpool is more complicated. Deadpool was initially working for the villain who kidnapped and replaced Domino during the early days of X-Force. While she held a grudge against Deadpool for several years, they currently have a working relationship in the comics. It’s never become a romance between the two, but it has been suggested that Deadpool may have some feelings for Domino.

Although Domino is primarily known for her time on the paramilitary mutant group known as X-Force, she has also been a member of the X-Men as well. However, Domino’s reputation as a mercenary means that she’s been hired to track down the Punisher and Deathlok outside of her obligations to the X-Men or X-Force. There aren’t very many definitive Domino stories, as she’s only had two solo miniseries in the last 26 years. One of her more defining turns came in the X-Force: Sex and Violence miniseries where she teamed up with Wolverine. That story marked Domino for death while reestablishing her penchant for attracting trouble despite her mutant luck.

X-Force Sex and Violence

What can Deadpool 2 do with Domino?

Domino recently became the leader of the Mercs for Money, a group founded by Deadpool; which has once again put her at the center of an ongoing comic book series. But Deadpool 2 represents a unique opportunity for Domino to once again breakout as a solo heroine. Unlike many of Marvel’s mutant heroines, Domino isn’t strictly heroic and her motivations are far from perfect. But that blend of grey morality could serve her very well in her own adventures and give her a complexity that many characters lack. In theory, this movie could give Domino a boost in popularity much like the way the X-Men prequel trilogy turned Mystique into a major player. That makes it far more likely that Domino will once again have her own Marvel series by the time that Deadpool 2 hits sometime within the next year. And we’re definitely excited to see Beetz portray Domino on the big screen.

What do you think about Domino’s comic book history? Let the dice fall where they may and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Comics

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