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Hi all!

BBC America is running a really SWEET CONTEST for the arty Whovian out there. Basically all you have to do is create and build your own TARDIS and take a picture of it displayed in a cool place. See, now when people ask you why you have a life-sized replica TARDIS in your rumpus room, you can tell them it was for this! Go to it, and don’t forget to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.


  1. Aunie says:

    does this mean we’ll be seeing the tardis pop up all over the country?
    i REALLY hope so!!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Has Molly Lewis entered her nesting doll TARDIS in the competition yet!?!? Because if she hasn’t, she should.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Almost got you the TARDIS cookie jar but you said you wanted the sonic screwdriver more. Birthday perhaps.

  4. EraserGirl says:

    i just had this image of a tardis cum lawn gnome..
    they should do an series of promo ads, with the new tardis in identifiable places around the globe.

    The Tardis at Giza,
    The Tardis in St Pauls
    The Tardis in the Colosseum
    the Tardis on the washington mall – wait strike the last would be the Tardis getting blown up by TSA as an unidentified package.