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When Your Pocket Just Isn’t Big Enough

From the annals of Space-Filling Articles For Slow News Days comes this piece in the New York Times asking men a critical question: Where do you put your iPad when you’re toting it around?

The premise is that women have pocketbooks and guys don’t.  Ah.  The solutions proposed in the article include various murses and bags, those Scottevest jackets with all the tech-friendly pockets that do not make the wearer look very, shall we say, GQ, and even, in the case of David Hockney, custom pockets sewn into his jackets.  You’re not David Hockney, so I’ll assume that’s a little further than you’re willing to go.

I don’t own an iPad.  I have enough trouble figuring out where to put my cell phone.  But it would seem to me that if you routinely carry a backpack or briefcase, that’s your answer right there.  If not, well, um, get a briefcase or backpack.  Or maybe you really don’t need to be carrying an iPad all the time, everywhere.  Or maybe you can get a smaller Galaxy Tab.  Or something.

Here’s that article.  And please feel free to discuss where you carry your iPad and other tech items in the comments.  Keep it clean, willya?


  1. andoran_g33k says:

    Pants pockets, jacket pockets, or backpack. Where else? Although that scottevest thing *does* look pretty schnazzy…

  2. Ze Pu Be says:

    Hmmmmm, human rations.

  3. Josh says:

    I’m firmly in the backpack/briefcase crowd. I have to have my laptop with me at all times (I’m a system engineer on call). I have briefcase with a shoulder sling. Problem solved.
    For once I’d like to see them ask someone “Where well do you keep it?”
    “In my backpack, like any normal ration human.”