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When Pigs Fly: More Gameplay Details For “Bad Piggies”

Rovio has revealed some details about the gameplay in the new Angry Birds don’t-call-it-a-spinoff game Bad Piggies in a piece over at Yahoo! Games today, and the idea is not, alas, to fling the pigs back at the birds. No, you’ll be building vehicles, including many flying ones, to help the pigs steal eggs. You’ll get the idea in the trailer, which shows how you drag and drop parts to build the conveyances. The look is Angry Birds, but the play isn’t. I’m not sure yet, at least from the trailer, whether it’ll be as magnificent a timewaster as the original, because there’s a stark contrast between mindlessly flinging birds at different angles and having to think and plan like this. On the other hand, the idea of a puzzle that lets you try a zillion different combinations and see what happens is appealing in its own right, even if I anticipate I’ll never escape some levels.

Which leads us to the question: Are you in? Is it sufficiently different enough to merit your download? Are you looking for another game like this to pass time in waiting rooms and on the bus and when you’re just looking for something to do the way Angry Birds in all its incarnations does?

This one comes out September 27th for iOS and Android, with Windows Phone and PC versions coming later. Check the trailer and decide if the build-a-contraption idea is your kind of casual game.


  1. Chris B says:

    Looks like a 2D-version of Nuts & Bolts. I’ll give it a try. For a buck, why not?