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When It Comes To Nail Art, GODZILLA Is King

When It Comes To Nail Art, GODZILLA Is King

Are your fingernails looking plain and boring? They clearly need the kind of makeover you can only get from a kaiju. In this case, a monster won’t eat your fingers, it will just decorate them. The approach has clearly worked for all the people who have responded to Nails Magazine’s open call for Godzilla-inspired designs. Creative fingernail geniuses have submitted everything from scaly nail polish looks to sculpted eyes.

The nail art photos are being collected in honor of the upcoming Godzilla film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. I think the King of Monsters would be flattered by such attention. Nails Magazine will be including their favorite submissions in an upcoming issue, and we’ve got a look at some of the scary and beautiful nail designs. If you’d to see even more monster fingernails, just search the #godzillamovienailart hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Which of these styles captures the monster best? Let us know in the comments.

Photos courtesy of Nails Magazine.