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What’s Valve Teasing With This TEAM FORTRESS 2 Countdown?

What’s Valve Teasing With This TEAM FORTRESS 2 Countdown?

Is Valve teasing the next Team Fortress? Or perhaps a PS4/Xbox One port of the class-based shooter? Maybe a movie? Seriously, guys, what is it?

Gamespot spotted the countdown, which expires this evening 5PM Pacific Time/8PM Eastern.

While I want to believe that a new Team Fortress is on the way – Team Fortress 2 came out all the way back in 2007 – Valve has been pretty quiet when it comes to talking about new games, focusing instead on hardware initiatives, SteamOS, and making all of the money with Steam.

Since Team Fortresses 2‘s release, the colorful, objective-based shooter has become (and I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating here) one of the benchmarks of the genre – with a sense of humor to boot. It’s also why we have so many cool little clips made with the Valve Movie Maker featuring the Pyro singing or other such nonsense.

If, hypothetically, this was a Team Fortress 3 announcement, what could Valve bring to the series? What would we all want from it? I’m guessing it’d likely be a free-to-play title given how well the digital hats for video game characters business has done for Valve since TF2 went free to play back in 2011.

Personally, I’d love for the promise of cross-platform play to materialize (you can access your Steam account through Sony’s systems but I’d love to actually be able to fight across systems). Perhaps a couple of new classes would be in the cards as well as some female characters and new objectives?

What would you want?

[Source: Gamespot via GameInformer]


  1. atdc says:

    I would love for Valve to drop the hats altogether and make a video game.

  2. TypoFirebird says:

    Can’t be TF3, Valve doesn’t release any game with a 3 after it. 😛