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What’s the Greyjoy Connection to Telltale’s GAME OF THRONES Game Tease?

What’s the Greyjoy Connection to Telltale’s GAME OF THRONES Game Tease?

Back in December of last year, Telltale released the first announcement trailer for their Game of Thrones adaptation. And then… radio silence.

And now we’ve got one tiny bit of marketing which should have series fans and Internet sleuths scratching their heads over the weekend. The studio released the banner below with a quote from the series’ fifth novel A Dance With Dragons which hints at… something?

What does “ice from fire” mean, Game of Thrones faithful? I haven’t gone as far down the rabbit hole as some of you with the books (actually, I’m still in the first chapter of the first novel – sue me), but it looks like we’ll be dealing with some previously unseen/unused houses in the game.

I should point out that instead of adapting the novels directly, Telltale’s game is being made in conjunction with HBO. The show, whose fourth season just wrapped, is just getting into the fourth novel, A Feast For Crows with some bits of Dragons thrown in. But does this tease hint at Telltale getting a little further in the canon with their game than the network?

We’ve seen Deepwood Motte in the show: it’s one of the territories loyal to the Starks at Winterfell, ultimately getting snatched up by Theon’s sister Yara (Asha in the books) in season two. It was originally held by House Glover – the quote at the top of the banner refers to some of the families loyal to them, including the Forresters, and Woods. If we’re going by the emphasis in the tweet, it sounds like we could be spending some time with a member of the Forrester clan. Also: maybe we’ll be getting some Greyjoy action in the game?

While the game is due out sometime this year, as is par for the course with Telltale, we likely won’t have any clearer details until much closer to its firm release date.

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  1. Finally some news on the game… I can’t wait! πŸ˜€