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What’s On?: ‘Bionic Builders’

This is a Golden Age of television, you know. It may not seem that way, but it is. Sure, some would define the era by “Jersey Shore” or whatever other reality show irritates you, but there really is more stuff to watch than time to watch it. My DVR is constantly at close to 100% full (Dear Verizon FiOS, PLEASE give me a DVR with more room. PLEASE. Thank you) already, and the only way to catch up is to forego sleep for a “Terriers” marathon or have “Community” with breakfast. There’s a lot to watch.

So here’s another one aiming to get onto your list. I haven’t previewed it yet, but there’s a new Discovery Channel special premiering Sunday that seems like it might be right in the Nerdist wheelhouse: “Bionic Builders.” Again, we haven’t seen it, so I’m going to reserve judgment on its quality until then, and we (Nerdist) have no stake in it (not an advertiser, no other connections), but we’re talking about a show that, according to its description, follows a “stuntman and amputee” named Casey Pieretti and an inventor named Bill Spracher who “design, build, and test one-of-a-kind, extreme appendages that make their amputee clients better than new,” like propeller legs and special martial arts punching arms and a replacement arm that shoots baseballs like a pitching machine.

Real-life Six Million Dollar Men and Bionic Women? Yeah, see? I can only imagine the pitch meeting for this one. “Real life Six Mi…” “SOLD!”

Anyway, it’s on at noon Sunday (Eastern and Pacific) on Discovery Channel in the U.S. It might be worth a look.

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  1. Ron Mousouris says:

    Fast paced very captivating show. I hope to see future episodes

  2. DefconDan says:

    I was ready to just dismiss this but actually I think its really quite cool. I mean to think of ways to enhance those individuals even if the premise here is silly is potentially… well just cool. That little submersible blade attachment would be awesome no?

  3. Paul MIller says:

    I have been privy to this shows development and seen some of the footage and it truly is quite interesting. Not just that Casey is a stunt man but the fact that he is an amputee and open to testing Bill’s inventions. What’s even more interesting is the wide array of artificial “bionic” appendages that can be created in the future. I’m hoping the show is as successful as the footage I saw was exciting. It’s sad that Discovery Channel has chose not to spend advertising money on it so they can promote financially challenged people from Oklahoma panning for gold in Alaska. Really, is that what Discovery considers “riveting” television? Give me the Bionic Man instead!