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What’s It Like To Wear Google Glass? Here’s A Video

For those of you impatient to try Google Glass, Google has posted this video of what it’s like to wear a pair. I assume you wouldn’t hear that music playing behind everything in real life. And, since it’s voice-activated (“OK, Glass”), you’d spend a lot of time talking to your glasses, which would appear to others to be strange, but maybe we’re used to people walking around using Bluetooth and appearing to talk to themselves.

Anyway, taking video, which is most of this, is no big deal, but being able to get your flight information while running towards a gate, or getting a translation on the spot, or just looking stuff up… those could be useful.

And you have until February 27th to tell Google what you’d do if you had Glass, to get into what is really a beta test that you’ll pay $1,500 plus tax to enter. If you get picked, you can buy a pair (you’ll have to go to a special “pick-up experience” in New York, L.A., or San Francisco). Only 8.000 people will be selected. Do you want to be an early adopter?

HT: Charlene Jimenez