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What You Missed By Not PlayingWhat You Missed By Not Playing

What You Missed By Not Playing Batman: Arkham City

Is Batman: Arkham City one of the many great titles sitting in your pile of shame from last generation? Then have no fear, as Joshua Quail is back with yet another edition of What You Missed By Not Playing. As always, beware of the intense spoilers that lie ahead; he spoils everything and the game’s plot twist will be totally ruined for you. But for those who are just anxious to know what happens or even those who might’ve missed a few things in their play-through, below lies the key to infinite Batman: Arkham City knowledge. I implore that you indulge.

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  1. Rachel Carpenter says:

    Hi! I am hoping to win the standard nerdist giveaway contest! I enjoy Talking Dead and this awesome website. I am hoping to become a “Whovian.” Having never seen an episode of Dr. Who, I would like to win for this reason. I want all the Dr. Who seasons on blu- ray. PLEASE! BTW, I don’t think Lil Ass- Kicker is dead!