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What Was Bruce Willis Doing in the First TONY HAWK Game?

What Was Bruce Willis Doing in the First TONY HAWK Game?

The latest Did You Know Gaming video looks back at the origins of Neversoft and the start of the Tony Hawk franchise. And in it, they bring back one of those strange intersections between games and Hollywood that never seem to go away: in this case, the time Bruce Willis “starred” in a blockbuster game and somehow ended up in some of the first builds of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

The video sums the story up quite nicely, but essentially, Willis lent his likeness to 1998’s Apocalypse, a run-and-gun shooter for the PlayStation. And when Neversoft was tasked by publisher Activision to start working on a skateboarding game, they simply reused Bruce’s gun-toting model for some early proof-of-concept work.

While Willis’ model was later removed before the game went into production, you have to wonder if there was at least one conversation with him about giving the game some of that Corbin Dallas heat.


  1. bsg says:

    Q: What was Bruce Willis doing in the first Tony Hawk game?

    A: Front-side nose grind