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What To Do If/When Delicious Dies (UPDATE: Maybe It Won’t)

Yahoo! (remember the exclamation point, folks) is apparently shutting down a bunch of its “underperforming” websites, according to news that raced around the Internet today.  The screenshot from a corporate webcast showed that among the likely casualties are AltaVista — okay, raise your hand if you even knew AltaVista still existed — and Buzz (not that Buzz, the OTHER Buzz), and “MyBlogLog” — anybody? — and something called AlltheWeb, and Delicious

Wait, what?

Don't Panic! How to save your Delicious bookmarks, after the jump:
Yes, the site that a lot of nerds use to share bookmarks, the one you might remember as, is, according to reports, about to die.  That’s not good if you’ve been using the service, but there’s at least a simple way to save what you’ve stored there, and Lifehacker has helpfully provided instructions: Just go to Settings>Bookmarks>Export, export your bookmarks into an HTML file, import the file into your browser, and there you go.  Tags and notes won’t import, but they’ll be in the actual HTML file if you need them.

Or, in the comments, someone suggests Diigo, a similar service that allows you to import Delicious bookmarks AND tags.  So you have a few options, although no endorsements here — I jealously guard my bookmarks from all prying eyes, foreign and domestic.

Anyway, RIP Delicious, seven years and two months young.  I never used you, but it was nice to know that I could have.

MORE: There’s also Pinboard, a for-pay option.  Read its pros-and-cons lists before you decide.

UPDATE: The folks who run Delicious are saying that they’re looking for a way to continue under new ownership. The wording is vague and exactly what’s going on is unclear, but at least there’s hope.

HT: Lifehacker and Matthewdumptruck in the comments below.